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Sony may have saved its superhero universe as “She-hulk” loses all support

by Stewart Cole


On the back of the phenomenal Black Panther: Wakanda Forever The trailer lands on Monday, the longest Miracle The news that came this Tuesday isn’t actually related to the MCU, but to Sony’s Spider-Man universe — the studio just made an interesting new hire in its latest controversial spinoff film that, who knows, might turn out to be the lifesaver thanks to the franchise. In the meantime, She-Hulk continues to incite slander while a WandaVision fan-favorite confirms their upcoming comeback.

He made Sony’s most interesting upcoming project just became… El Muerto?

El Muerto Spider-Man
Image via Marvel Comics

You have to hand it to Sony, they haven’t released it Morbius becoming the most ridiculed movie on the internet prevents them from continuing their cinematic universe as they already have both Craven and Madame Web in the box. The next one on the way is El Muerto, starring Bad Bunny, which was previously the most mocked of the lot, but may now actually be the most interesting. You see, Sony just hired director Jonás Cuarón, the son of Oscar-winning filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón, on his English feature debut. Seeing as this is the man who wrote the script for Gravitycould Cuarón help redeem the often battered franchise?

WandaVision star confirms they are back for Agatha: Coven of Chaos

wandavision agatha harkness
Image via Marvel Studios

We still don’t know when we’ll see Elizabeth Olsen back in her crimson crown as the Scarlet Witch, but at least one more WandaVision The veteran slyly confirmed that he will return alongside Kathryn Hahn in the upcoming spinoff Agatha: Coven of Chaos. Specifically, Emma Caulfield, who played Dottie in the previous series and will no doubt reprise her role as the hapless Westview resident in the next series as well. Maybe some of these fan theories about her character will turn out to be correct?

She-Hulk Haters do the best Intelligentsia impressions

Image via Marvel Studios

It’s no secret that She-Hulk: Lawyer has earned the ire of a vocal subset of fans for his comedy styles and “woke” ways, but it seems like a large portion of the Marvel subreddit has abandoned the show entirely at this point, with Shulkie detractors revealing the exact moments that abandoned in the series Tatiana Maslany. Well, since its main villain, the online organization Intelligentsia, is basically Reddit, we probably shouldn’t be too surprised that She-Hulk has made some enemies on the site.

Who should be the number one hero of the Multiverse Saga? I think you know who…

End of Iron Man Avengers
Image via Marvel Studios

Although Phase Four is almost complete, we’re still relatively early in the Multiverse Saga, so the true hero of the piece – in the way that Iron Man was the MVP of the Infinity Saga – has yet to emerge. But fans already know who they think deserves that honor given their status as the most productive player at this point. Yes, it’s Wong, with many people championing the Sorcerer Supreme as the most deserving character to lead the franchise going forward. If that means we’re getting more of Madisynn, then we’re definitely down.

Back on Wednesday, WandaVision watchers, for the next daily Marvel news update.

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