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Suzume no Tojimari trailer: New movie by director Your Name

by Stewart Cole

Makoto Shinkai returns with a new film about young people trying to navigate a world in danger. The Your name The director’s latest film is called at the moment Suzume no Tojimariand the first trailer was released over the weekend. Suzume no Tojimariwhich roughly translates to Suzume’s Locking UpIt will be released on November 11 in Japan, but has not yet been released in North America.

According to the plot of the film, he follows 17-year-old Suzum who meets a young man looking for a door. When Suzume finds the mysterious door and opens it, doors all over Japan begin to open, unleashing all sorts of chaos and disaster across the country. It is up to Suzume to close them once again.

This first trailer does not reveal much of the plot of the film, but it looks absolutely gorgeous. The trailer includes images of ruined cities and the magic doors themselves, but like the previous two Shinkai films, they also all look a bit tragic.

Movies like this for young people in seemingly doomed worlds have become a bit of a signature of Shinkai, but it’s hard to complain when he’s so good at telling these stories. Both of his last films, Your name and Weather with youhave enjoyed tremendous critical and commercial success around the world.

Although there is no official release date for the US yet, it may be some time before the film arrives. Your name It took him almost a year to arrive in the United States after its premiere in Japan while Weather with you took about six months.

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