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THE FAMILY PLAN: Mark Wahlberg set to appear in upcoming Apple comedy/adventure

by Stewart Cole

Apple Original Films to release Mark Wahlberg movie

Mark Wahlberg will return in an action/comedy film titled The Family Plan For Apple Original Films and Skydance.

A suburban dad takes his family on the run after a secret from his past dawns on him in the upcoming film The Family Plan which will be produced by Skydance Media for Apple Original Films. Wahlberg’s latest project has fans wondering just how much fun this upcoming film could really be given the charismatic actor’s latest performances in “audience-favorite” films such as pictures, Uncharted and Father Stu.


Don’t let the less than stellar Rotten Tomatoes scores fool you. Uncharted and Father Stu were hits for Wahlberg earlier this year, despite rumors circulating that both films were flops. Instead. Oscar-nominated actor Wahlberg did very well for himself in both of the aforementioned films. The video game adaptation, Uncharted, struck a chord with action fans to the tune of $148 million at the domestic box-office. Not too shabby. In the meantime, Father Stu it underperformed at the box-office with just $20 million domestically. A disaster; Not really. Father Stu actually earned the coveted “A” CinemaScore grade and is one of the highest rated films by moviegoers this year. It’s starting to catch on and this movie (Wahlberg’s passion project) is becoming one of the top grossing movies on pay-per-view streaming services these days.

Wahlberg received his Oscar nomination for his performance in 2006 The departed. Many expected Jack Nicholson to get a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for that film, but Wahlberg got the nomination. Wahlberg, however, has had his share of poorly received films throughout his career. Boogie Nights“C” CinemaScore yes The event‘s “D” CinemaScore to The gamblerthe CinemaScore “C+” mark. Even a collaboration between Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson only received a mediocre “C+” audience rating, despite being one of the most interesting films of the year it was released. However, lately Wahlberg’s films have been more accessible to mainstream audiences, certainly, as evidenced by Father Stu and Uncharted.

The multi-talented Wahlberg will also be a co-producer The Family Plan written by David Coggeshall. It will be directed by Simon Cellan Jones. Wahlberg and Jones recently worked together on the upcoming Arthur the King. Apple Original Films and Skydance are on a winning streak with their just-released animated film Luck below their belt. With a bit of ‘luck’ for Wahlberg, this upcoming film of his will be a huge hit and add to his current list of audience favourites.

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