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Announcing the winners of the 18th Jecheon International Music and Film Festival, Korean Competition and International Competition

by Pansy Robbins

(Left to right) Photos from ‘Remember My Sister’ and ‘Persevere and Exist’.

ⓒ Jecheon International Music and Film Festival

[Chungbuk Ilbo] The 18th Jecheon International Music and Film Festival, which contains the identity of Asia’s largest film music festival, successfully concluded its six-day schedule with the closing ceremony on the 16th.

Competition section, which discovers and presents a variety of new feature films based on music, regardless of genre, during this festival: after a rigorous jury in the international competition, “Siren” by director Rita Baghdadi has been selected as grand prize winner. received 50 million won and “Poser”, a film co-directed by Noah Dixon and Ori Segev, received the special mention of the jury.

Moon Geun-young, director Bang Jun-won and producer Shim Bo-kyung, who were in charge of judging, said in their review, “Musicians who survived and existed before movies and theaters by capturing the existence of theater as an intersection, were able to unravel that through clever planning, composition and direction,” he said.

The documentary “Siren” about the first female metal band “Slave to Siren” in the Middle East, where all five members are women, expressed the complex political and social reality of Lebanon through film, and was screened as closing film on the Uirimji Stage on the day of the closing ceremony.

The thriller film “Poser”, which won the jury’s special mention award after a fierce battle until the very end, is distinguished by its new meaning created by a deep love for independent music and a deep understanding of music and art combined with engaging storytelling.

A five-member jury, director Mike Figgis, producer Kim Seon-ah, director of the Korean Film Archive Kim Hong-joon, executive director of the Ukrainian Film Academy Anna Machuk and director Park Heung-sik ​​said: “We realized this was the result of a new sensitivity and ability to collaborate. We think this is a positive sign of the direction the film is taking now and in the future.

In addition, the competition section which shows the new vision of Korean music and film creators: in the Korean competition, director Jo Ha-young’s “Remember My Sister” with the best short film award and a prize of 5 million won, director Kwon Cheol’s film ‘Persevere and Exist’ with the best feature award is 1,000. received 500 million won.

Director Ha-Young Jo’s “Remember My Sister” is a feature film that tells the story of Yeon-Hong, who lives in a camp town where he can enjoy colorful food and dance like the most perfect place. It’s a work that tries to convey a historic voice while releasing it as a musical full of the music he made.

Additionally, director Kwon Cheol’s “Persevere and Exist” is a documentary in which Choe Eun Choi, Kim Il-doo, Kim Sa-wol, Kwak Blue Sky, Fire Moth Star Sausage Club, and seven musicians visit Gwangju Theater and talk to each other and sing.

At the same time, “Jecheon Music Film Project Promotion (JPP)”, the only musical film production support project in Korea, began to develop and support the development of Korean musical films and to discover and support passionate musicians, director Kim Tae-hee’s ‘Look’ King Po’ and director Eom Ha-neul’s ‘Five Minutes of You and Me’ were selected as winners and received 30 million won and 50 million won respectively.

Director Kim Tae-hee’s “Looking For” tells the story of a director who lost his hard drive in a situation just before the end of the film, and director Um Ha-neul’s “5 Minutes of You and Me” is a film starring Jae-min, a third-year middle school student who secretly listens to Japanese music, is a feature film that links Kyunghwan to the subject of sexual minorities.

Nam Nam-ho, CEO of NK Contents, director Yoon Seong-ho and CEO of Peel & Plan Jo Gye-young, who were in charge of the judging, said, “The evaluation among the judges for the works submitted this year is not markedly different. , compared to the music, I chose these two works in the hope that these still incomplete verses would go through much more thought through the production support of Jecheon’s musical film and would be completed into a song with wonderful harmony and unexpected rhythm.”

The 18th Jecheon International Music and Film Festival, where you can enjoy the emotions of films and music, includes 139 films from 39 countries, the largest number of films ever screened, the representative music program “One Summer Night” , the new ‘Film Concert’, and ‘Special Concert’ by Justin Hurwitz, etc., shared the joy of the festival with the audience.

Jecheon/Reporter Lee Hyung-soo

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