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This platform creates a new relationship between fashion, cinema and television

by Stewart Cole

Following the official release of Seek in early 2022, the hope is that Klausing and her team will eventually work directly with costume designers, makeup artists and backstage guys to create these elaborate stores. “We want to work closely with these people, because we really want Seek to be for them,” says Klausing. “What we do is just promote the audience and make it easier for someone to discover a new product on a new show and vice versa.”

Until its release, it has been watching the dozens of movies and TV shows that are making their debut now, from Gucci House to Insecure fifth season. His page Seek is already packed with incredible pieces from indie and acclaimed designers (chosen by show’s stylist Shiona Turini): a Rui bodysuit, a Henning satin jacket, a Cheyennekimora crystal duag, a pair of PVC Amina Muaddi heels and several Bottega bags each taken from the wardrobes of Issa, Molly and Kelli on the screen.

The big picture is not just what Seek presents InsecureHis audience of objects and designers they may not have discovered on their own. Most importantly, when these viewers see Molly in Monse’s deconstructed blazer or Kelli in Tove’s cotton dress, it may be the difference between wanting this item or … not. It is a completely different experience than seeing a garment on a shelf or on the catwalk. There is no story there, no person to really connect with. But when an outfit becomes part of the narrative of your favorite show and your favorite characters, it resonates in a new personal, emotional way. For designers, it is an opportunity not only to reach a new set of clients, but also to actually connect with them as well.

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