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What fans say about the bat and the cat

by Stewart Cole

The Bat (Robert Pattinson) meets the cat (Zoe Kravitz) in his latest trailer Batman. Prior to its March 4 release in cinemas only, Warner Bros. offers fans a new look at the cat-and-mouse game between Batman and the enigmatic Riddler (Paul Dano), an enigmatic serial killer that leaves a trail of cryptic clues for the Dark Knight detective. With the penguin (Colin Farrell) clinging to the top of Gotham City’s underworld and a masked madman exposing the truth about the isolated Bruce Wayne (Pattinson), Bruce’s alter-ego meets the feline The fatal Selina Kyle (Kravitz), also known as Catwoman, as Batman unravels the criminal conspiracy.

According to Kravitz, Batman is a Catwoman origin story about the cat burglar who likes strays. The restart by director Matt Reeves takes place in the second year of Bruce’s vindictive career in crime-fighting costumes and serves as a backstory for swindlers Edward Naston (Dano) and Oswald “Oz” Coblpot (F).

“I really wanted to know who she is as a human being,” Kravitz told Selina Kyle in her February 2022 issue. Empire Magazine. “There is a wonderful moment when you see that he has all these tons of cats and I really wanted to dive into his psychology. Why does he have all these cats? And when you watch the movie, you will see that he is totally connected to who he is as a human being.”

“Often, when an actor wants a role, we just tend to wink, smile and say yes to everything,” added Kravitz, the last actor to play a live-action Catwoman after famous twists by Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway. . “But I tried to do something a little different for myself anyway, which was to treat it like I already had the role and take notes so that Matt could really understand what it’s like to work with me.”

Check out what DC Comics fans are saying about the latest DC Films movie release below.

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