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[스페셜] Top 5 foreign films of the year selected by Cine21

by Stewart Cole

Foreign Film of the Year 1

portrait of a woman on fire

“Céline Siama herself was a phenomenon this year” (Hyojung Song). is more than just a movie. The critics who picked the first foreign film of the year all paid attention to the one wave represented by , no, Céline Siama. A woman’s film that captures the story of a woman from a woman’s perspective. This is the reason why few people chose this film in the first place in “The meaning which encompasses all of Celine Siama’s previous films released in Korea this year, including , and “(Kim So-mi). was a feat achieved thanks to Celine Siama’s previous work, but “On the contrary, in Korea, was able to meet and (Lee Joo-hyun) Of course, the burning flame and passion of the film itself also fascinated us.

The most important thing is the look of the camera, that is, the way it looks at the subject. “In the history of cinema, how difficult it was for the gaze not to exploit women. “(Lim Soo-yeon)” A film that should never be overlooked when talking about the look of a film “(Duna), proved that it is not an idea. It’s an alternative period drama and art film that redefines the relationship between muse and artist ”(Kim Hye-ri). “The magnificence is felt in a simple setting, and a sensitive tremor is transmitted from the close-up of the face or the back” (Lee Ji-hyun). One would say: “Like women emerging from the cave of oppression in the play, the director does not hesitate to transcend all restrictions and borders” (Heo Nam-woong). The secret is simple. Mixture of desire and art. “Céline Siama’s charisma, which creates new power by restructuring the composition, grammar and music of existing characters like those of a woman, is truly unique” (Kim So-mi).

Céline Siama “starts and ends a movie in a way that only those who believe in themselves can” (Kim So-hee). Céline Siamara will be remembered as “a film that can proudly stand at the forefront of the history of contemporary (female) cinema” (Sunwoo Nam) as a portrait of an artist.

Foreign Film of the Year 2

Martin eden

What is currently happening in Italian cinema? “Cinematographic, pictorial and anachronistic works that date back to the post-cinema era, films by young Italian directors such as” Happy Lazzaro “and” Martin Eden “which can be described as” neo-proletarian realism “stand out “(Hyojung Song). Among them, is “a movie that can come out when a person in the foreground sees old things with new eyes” (Yongcheol Lee).

“The character and the cut are thus separated, which is considered the most appropriate arrangement” (Kim Sohee), a rare achievement. “Inspired by the traditions of Italian cinema such as Roberto Rossellini and Ermanno Olmi and Russian New Wave films such as Larisa Shepitico, this young director is attempting a radical redefinition of cinema. -mi) has been reached. Martin Eden, “a film which examines the bravery and limitations of a self-taught student in narrative, and a masterpiece which has externally shown the materiality of a film” (Dongmi Bae), is “the forward -guard of Italian cinema, even the current avant-garde of world cinema ”(Heo Nam-woong) deserves to be called.

Foreign Film of the Year 3

Pain and Glory

“Everything about Pedro Almodovar. (Hyo-Jeong Song) This can be explained in a nutshell. Admiration for , a work that dares to call itself the culmination of Pedro Almodovar’s films, naturally overlaps the trajectory of creation and pain that Pedro Almodovar has accumulated. “No Ikjang embraces and affirms the fundamental sense of loss in life” (Kim Young-jin) sublimates itself in the form of “painful and sublime” (Eunmi Hong), straddling between the wrinkles of Almodovar’s brain and his body. ‘Antonio Banderas.

“The composition of the story, the depth of the subject matter, the performances of the actors, the use of color and the fantastic world that you can’t take your eyes off of takes place for two hours” (Lee Joo-hyun). In this way, one can feel “the dignity of a master in the grandeur of this film, which admits that moments of pain and glory are linked on the canvas with his seal engraved all over, and that the two can never be separated ”(Sun-Woo Nam). In particular, the praise for the film’s final scene did not end easily. “The final scene of the film, the camera zooms out, revealing that this is a filming site. With the opening of by Jean-Luc Godard, Pedro Almodovar showed the best stay effect. year ”(Sun-Woo Nam).

Foreign Film of the Year 4


Christian Petzold places and observes an individual at an important moment in history. Thus, the film becomes history, and the story becomes the individual, setting the stage for witnessing the miraculous moment when life becomes a film. and , which can be called the culmination of the historical trilogy that follows and , is a masterpiece that “shows how the theme song of the film can enrich the style amidst the lonely sets of the film” (Yongcheol Lee).

The film “stands out for its ingenious idea of ​​mixing and matching the circumstances of the past with the present day” (Jin-Woo Oh). The film “draws the public’s attention to refugees whose existence is unclear through ghostly characters” (Hyun-Na Cho), a contemporary problem to be explored with acuity. However, it is not filled with messages propaganda. On the contrary, the real value of Petzolt lies in the opposite, the fantasy. all ambiguous, only beauty is clear. Because the process of unveiling this mystery of is the answer to the cutscene ”(Kim Somi). A time when the opaque and powerful energy of one love swirls behind social difficulties and times. The best beauty the film can convey is in it.

5 foreign films of the year

fear molecule

There has been a lot of thought about whether to put this film on the list of films of the year. Indeed, as a criterion of the best of until last year, even though it was the first release, a movie that was too old was not accepted. This year, as the meaning and value of theaters are tested, we decided that a change was needed and we decided to expand the breadth and scope of the list. . of Edward Yang is one of the indicators showing this change. Critics’ reactions to the choice to include the first release as well as the OTT films have been sharply divided. Whether you choose only movies with traditional output methods or download new versions. It is for this reason that was only ranked 5th.

Critics who picked this movie, bar none, picked it as the best movie of the year, or it wasn’t on the list at all. I don’t think it’s necessary to say more about . It’s a film that transcends time. Paradoxically, this value is possible because it looks at the times with precision and contains them. “Everything that can be made in cinematographic form can be found in . Since this is a theatrical release for the first time in 34 years, I wondered if it would be appropriate to name him ‘of the year’, but I want to express my feelings by calling him once. more, like ‘Old First Love’, which arrived late. “(Sunwoo Nam)

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