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[위클리포유 커버 스토리] It’s time for a short film in Daegu… Short but intense! The Charm of Short Films to Enjoy in Daegu

by Pansy Robbins
Poster of the 24th Daegu Short Film Festival.

An intense line!

I was surprised to find that a one-line poem written by a poet who once lived in Daegu was so sensual. Because it contained the universe in a short sentence. Beauty, sadness and the cares of time are contained in a few letters. It is unclear whether this line is the product of accidental genius or the result achieved after countless annoyances and repeated failures.

However, a strong verse of the poem continues to impress and inspire people even after a long time. Even if it seems full, this “empty space” leaves little room for interpretation by readers. The sensual style that composes the phrases transcends eras. Such a short line will forever be etched in people’s hearts. This is the charm of poetry.

In terms of short film but intensity, the “short films” are without equal.

A short film generally refers to a film lasting 30 minutes or less. Because it is relatively short compared to feature films, you can find another more implicit and intense appeal in short films. Also, several experimental attempts have been made through short films.

At the end of the summer, a short film festival takes place in Daegu. The Daegu Short Film Festival, which celebrates its 24th anniversary this year, opens on the 23rd and runs until the 28th.

How is Daegu city? No matter what people say, Daegu is a city where freshness and the senses are alive, and they materialize in various forms. The encounter between a free and dense short film like “Crystal of the Senses” and the city of Daegu is natural and natural.

Filmmakers and audiences across the country who love short films are having a special time in Daegu right now. With various amazingly imaginative short films.

At this Daegu Short Film Festival, you can see several competing films with “brilliant imagination”. These works delve deeply into the life of an individual and sometimes consider the relationship between humans. There are also works that touch on social issues and are very experimental in terms of story and form. Each of the works that sensitively reflect the era and time is attractive.

In addition, the film festival has invited films with diverse perspectives and meaningful special exhibitions. In “DIFF Choice,” you can watch works that resolve three themes such as “Sitting in a Small Cinema” and “Director Lee Da-young” with different charms. The Special Regional Short Films Exhibition, which invites the latest short films from Jeju, Gangwon and Gwangju, and new short films from Daegu, which features the award-winning works of Apple Pitching, a short film production support project from Daegu. Festival, also attracted attention. Along with this, various side events such as “Deep and Talk” can be seen before and after the film festival period.

A filmmaker expressed the charm of such short films.

Director Park Jae-hyeon, who won Best Director in the Korean Short Film Competition at the 22nd Jeonju International Film Festival for his short film “Me and Or,” said, “Shorts are literally short films. A short video and the story “If you take literature as an example, there are many people who read long novels, but there are people who are attracted to poetry and short stories and keep searching for them. Daegu also produces more and more good things.”I hope this film festival will be a great opportunity to enjoy and communicate with short films made across the country.”

As autumn approaches, how about taking some “time for a short film” in Daegu?

Journalist Jinsil [email protected]

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