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[윤덕원의 노래가 끝났지만] If you can take notes deftly with the Apple Watch

by Pansy Robbins

One day when it was raining, I looked . It had been a long time since I had been to the cinema, and the weather was bad, but it was fun and the film was interesting. Besides the movie content, what impressed me was the appearance of actor Park Hae-il recording the incident with a voice memo using his Apple Watch. The detectives in the films I’ve seen so far found it natural to take notes in their notebooks. However, when I saw the use of equipment from that era, it was not at all troublesome, but a smart and efficient method. Because I thought I would try too.

As with other professions, a notebook is the most important piece of equipment for a singer-songwriter. The story of a musician writing words or ideas that came to him in an emergency on a napkin in a restaurant is a fairly common anecdote. There are quite a few colleagues who always carry a notepad to jot down the things that come to mind before they evaporate. You can feel the greatness of carefully selecting and using notes with memo-friendly portability, convenience, and aesthetics. I, too, always carried a palm-sized laptop in my bag before using my smartphone as my primary recording tool. These memos even became the lyrics to Broccoliner’s debut album and a few songs after that.

The big change came after the purchase of the iPhone, which appeared in 2010. There was no reason not to use a smartphone capable of recording, storing and sharing notes and even recording of the voice. In fact, ever since I was a kid, I hated handwriting because of the uneven handwriting. When I was in elementary school, I thought it would be nice to take notes in class with a word processor or typewriter. When I was in college, I bought a laptop with a keyboard and used it to type things. Of course, the usage time was short and the screen and keyboard were poor, so I ended up going back to the notebook, but after using a smartphone, I never used a paper notebook.

Since smartphones have great advantages in terms of convenience, storage, and portability as a notebook, have my grades improved since then? Not like this. On the contrary, it was only after the physical limitations were removed that I realized what was important. In a situation where I need to quickly record what comes to mind, I’m not used to taking notes, and I don’t know how far to take notes. Some people even write what comes naturally to them? Well, maybe they’re good at taking notes with the pebble in the playground.

It was only then that I realized that taking notes is inherently more difficult than I thought for someone like me who can’t switch to a record once he’s done. is not organized. When I usually think and talk, I sometimes feel things like mixed pearls. However, the moment you have to get rid of the mud and put it in your pocket, you experience the disappearance of the pearl. If so, how about putting it up and stacking it and organizing it later? However, there was no way to find the flash I was feeling at the time in the files I had just saved after losing my aim. All of those moments were in my own machine, but they just existed as if they were “thrown deep into the sea”. In the past, it was thought that it was the problem of the tool that the idea was vanishing. My handwriting is poor and my writing speed is slow, so I’m not good at taking notes. Lack of small notebooks and smooth pens. This is because they don’t have the latest equipment like an electronic notebook. However, these things became available, and smartphones and recorders became more comfortable, but I didn’t develop the habit of taking notes. It was nice to look at the things that were in storage, but From the start of the record, the barrier to entry was slightly higher than in the digital world, where people worried about how to write those thoughts with words.

Think back to the movie and imagine it. Start the voice memo focusing more on this moment. And listen to it again before falling asleep, find clues. However, if I had been able to take notes straight away in a firm voice, I could have done the same job with an old criminal’s notebook. Just as Haejun had to spend the entire second half of the film trying to figure out Seorae’s words in the film, some notes require a lot of time to take or read. As a detective, Hae-jun was able to skillfully take notes, but as a loving person, he couldn’t. And me as a songwriter? For now, I’ve put my plans to purchase an Apple Watch on hold.

– Even Brococcoliner

I closed the message I was going to send and took my pencil

Even though it’s not a long word, my hand was shaking as I wrote it.

In my trembling breath I keep getting the wrong letters

I don’t even have a new paper to write on yet.

What is the meaning of ten words?

But it spills out with tears and I can’t recognize it

There are countless words in the last goodbye

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