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[인터뷰] Harrison Ford’s ‘Indiana Jones’ Series Has Always Been Family Entertainment

by Pansy Robbins

Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones are allophones. Forty years have made actors and characters an inseparable whole. In the meantime, ‘Indiana Jones’ has appeared on screen as a great character and an icon of eternal adventure, but it is true that he has followed a different path from Harrison Ford, an actor who has matured with the time. In this film, which will be the last of the series, 40 years after the release of Indiana Jones, actor Harrison Ford can finally enjoy the blessing of growing old with the characters of the work.

– This is the last work in which you play the character of ‘Indiana Jones’.

= Not so long ago was the 42nd anniversary of the release of . So far he has appeared in a total of 5 films , but actually, until 4, Indiana Jones’ time in the movie didn’t pass much, and he wasn’t as old as I thought. Returning to Indiana Jones for the fifth time in 15 years, I really wanted to express my aging, including my growth. I thought this franchise would only be over when I found a story that acknowledged my aging. Episode 4 ends when I marry Marion, and the script the director prepared for me about my life after that was very appealing.

– I think it will be a special feeling to play Indiana Jones, who is aging and about to retire.

Of course. Every now and then certain storylines come true, but since these are characters who have been together for 40 years, there are times that often seem hard to separate. It’s a situation where you really have to let go of such a friend, so it gives you emotional strength. I’m very happy to have the opportunity to go around the corner with this character.

– Indiana Jones is the most beloved character along with Han Solo in the series . Which of the two characters was the most difficult to break up?

= There were several principles in acting, and one of them is not to line up or compete for the role that I played. Each role has its own story and I love those stories. I will leave it to the public to compare and evaluate.

– Run, roll and fly from start to finish. Even compared to the previous series, there are so many action scenes that it is in no way inferior. The scene where he took off his top and showed off his strong body at the start was also impressive. Do you have any tips for managing your stamina?

= I like action. I love the liveliness that is conveyed when you show it directly. However, there are times when it can be a bit dangerous and I can’t do it even if I want to, but every time it happens I get angry. I can do it myself enough. (Laughs) The reason I like the action of Indiana Jones is that it’s not really bloody or too realistic. I think the series has always been a family entertainment movie. It was important to set the water level correctly so that the family could monitor it together. The same action isn’t big and flashy, but I’ve thought about breathing and movement that even kids can enjoy.

– In the opening sequence of 1944 fighting the German Nazis, aging technology is used, allowing you to face off in your youth. How do you feel?

= It was strange and surprising. It was like seeing an old movie again. But the important never changes. As I said before, the action of Indiana is more important than the flashy, precise and coordinated breathing like a dance. It was the eyes that mattered far more than the movements. is a film full of energy that brings people together. Timeless classicism and universal themes, exploration of the human being, intellectual curiosity and love of people bring people together in front of the screen. I think that’s one of the things that makes Indiana Jones Indiana Jones as a fedora and as a whip.

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