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“A 30-year-old magazine that sees it?” I see him often

by Pansy Robbins
It’s funny to see someone’s excited eyes say, “You gotta see this!” In the process, other tastes also spread. “What kind of dramas, YouTubes and movies are interesting these days?” is my usual question. The taste of conversation is tiki-taka. Usually I also answer the same question. It is a great pleasure to hear what other people are interested in.

When I talk about content that I find and enjoy, the other person is usually puzzled. About half of my tastes now depend on dramas and magazines that were hot even 30 years ago. Rather than “dramas and magazines,” “until 30 years ago” is still the topic of conversation.

? Isn’t that a bit outdated?

If this had been a Kakao Talk conversation, it would have been ‘;;;;;;(an emoticon expressing sweat)’. I couldn’t even say that I had watched this drama three or four times. No matter how much I insist that I watch the latest content on Netflix, Teabing, or Raftel (a personalized recommendation-based animation streaming service developed in Korea), it may already be stored in the head of the other person under a nickname such as “retro”. maniacal’.

who wonders


The questions I ask myself when I watch dramas (1992) or (2002), magazines, or whatever I capture, don’t help much in my life. It’s not a “live news” style, nor a “number one crisis escape” side. I just want to share what happened and the strange moments I discovered. like these things.

Why the characters of do they still shop at the grocery store in the department store? Can the main character enter the house of the in-laws and change from hanbok to casual clothes after a few days? It’s not just drama. Why did ‘Now Nuri’ and ‘The Clairvoyance’ create magazines? When did “nim” start being used to refer to someone on the Internet?

Most of the content gives answers to questions that come out of my imagination or avoid them. Even if that’s not the answer you want, the process is quite humorous to me.


Weird moments or scenes in the content, or the weird content itself, take effort to discover, and sometimes it’s surprisingly easy to notice just by watching it. For example, something like this After a regular run on MBC (1994) a few months ago, I searched the Naver News library for the names of the actors who appeared in the drama or basketball-related keywords- ball.

A little, no, it was 28 years late, but I wanted to feel the heat of the drama spreading. Read related articles and browse the ads section. Typography and photographic composition that are different from today are “cool”. You’ll learn facts you wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t opened the old diary, such as the existence of Park Shin-ja, who was dubbed the “King of Basketball” in the 1960s.

Elements that would have been a hit at the time look ridiculous. In the drama, when it rains, it rains on only one side of the screen, or on the eve of the main character’s wedding, the echo of “Buy Ham!” It’s strange and interesting to see that the sound is still very much alive in ‘Hand (Korean Drama)’ even after 20 years.


Not so long ago, I “digged” a second-hand bookstore online. I mainly look at magazine categories, but on this site the magazines are not categorized in detail. Magazines such as fashion magazines, newsletters, and food magazines also have a variety of genres, but all are grouped together. I ended up going through the thousands of magazines on the site in a matter of days.

performance? The book I wanted “I should have bought this…” was out of stock, but I was able to get the following information. The fact that a book was published on how to do “foreign correspondents” and there was a boom in collecting hotel keys.

Sometimes even the bookseller can’t find the book I’m looking for. It’s uploaded to the used bookstore site, but when I try to send it, it’s out of stock or invisible. Admitting that it is difficult for a few operators to manage a massive amount of used books, that must be fate.

Finding the book or information you want at the same time is great and essential, but it’s okay if you can’t find it. Because wandering through the swamp of content like this has become entertainment for me. In a nutshell, you could say I’m in charge of “who” in “Who the hell is curious about this?”

Are we going to look for another “strange”?


We’d like to try more diverse methods for more “weird” viewing. You can also find dramas that are not broadcast on OTT on the broadcaster’s site. It may also boost the “KBS Episode 1 Replay Project,” which started out of sheer curiosity. Why not stop at a second-hand bookstore, close your eyes and pick up any book? The content that allows me to wander around is practically limitless.

The “strange sight” I’m going to write can be a story I had while diving deep into the past, or a question that started from a certain scene. The content just skims and passes, but the afterimage can be the story of an object or a person. For this show, I will try to “pause” more often than “jump” in the future. I don’t know what kind of outdated story will be meaningful “content” for me.

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