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At the Movies (King Diamond, Soilwork, Hammerfall, etc.) Cover of WHAM’s “Last Christmas”!

by Stewart Cole

As Christmas marketing begins these days as Halloween ends, At the Movies, the Scandinavian supergroup dedicated to making songs from 80s and 90s movie soundtracks, has released an adaptation of the classic WHAM celebration ! “Last Christmas”. Which is not in itself best known as a soundtrack song… but, well, you know it.

Guitarist Chris Laney states:

“Oh no! NOT THIS SONG AGAIN ?! Have you ever thought like that? I know I… and that’s why I felt we had to make our own version for the ATM, haha. I love Christmas. It’s my favorite season “I hope it will bring a little Christmas spirit to you guys. Pour a little eggnog or a glass of gluven and enjoy!”

In the movies are:

  • Linnéa Vikström Egg (QFT, Therion): vocals
  • Björn “Speed” Strid (Soilwork, The Night Flight Orchestra): vocals
  • Chris Laney (Randy Piper’s Animal, Zan Clan): guitars, vocals
  • Allan Sørensen (Royal Hunt, Pretty Maids): drums
  • Morten Sandager (Pretty Maids): keys
  • Pontus Egberg (King Diamond): bass
  • Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall): guitars

You can see below the view of At the Movies for “Last Christmas”.

At the Movies is going to release two albums, The Soundtrack Of Your Life – Vol. 2 (with cinematic successes from the 90s. pre-order here) and The Soundtrack Of Your Life – Vol. 1 (with cinematic successes from the 80’s. pre-order here) on January 7, 2022 through Atomic Fire Records.

The costume has previously covered hits from ’80s movies like Back to the Future, Dirty dance, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, and Beverly Hills Police Officer, as well as one from a movie from the 90’s, Three men and a little lady.

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