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Bae Doona “I want to make a social voice as much as possible through movies”

by Pansy Robbins

A film illustrating the labor exploitation of trainees in the field, ‘Daum So-hee’ will be released on 8
“A film that I have loved since the script… I hope it becomes a better world”

Doona Bae said, “My goal for this year is to be physically and mentally healthy.” Provided by Twin Plus partners

he was always The cropped hair that became a trademark, the loud laughs and even the straight answers. Bae Doona, whom we met in a cafe in Samcheong-dong in Seoul on the afternoon of the 2nd, seemed far from the laws of physics. It is ahead of the release of the film ‘Next Sohee’ (8th).

‘Next Sohee’ is a film based on a true story. The story centers on So-hee (Kim Si-eun), who undergoes on-the-job training in a telecommunications company’s call center before graduating from high school. So-hee is excited and taking her first steps in social life, but the reality is harsh. Even though she is a trainee in the field, So-hee suffers from the pressure of performance. Because they are on-the-job training students, they are not properly paid for their performance. Sohee can’t stand the nightmarish reality. Homicide detective Yu-jin (Bae Doo-na) investigates So-hee’s death and deals with issues at school and workplaces that have been eroded by accomplishments. So-hee’s experiences and Yoo-jin’s investigative process, which recounts them, reveal the structural problems of Korean society and touch the hearts of viewers.

Bae Doona said, “I decided to appear as soon as I finished reading the script.” “I think a lot about the incidents and accidents of the younger generation and what can be improved for them,” he said. “I just want to make the world a better place.”

This is the second meeting with director Jung Joo-ri after “Do Hee-ya” (2015). “Do Hee-ya” received favorable reviews, including being invited to the Notable section of the Cannes Film Festival. Director Jeong said he wrote the script for “Next So-hee” with Bae Doo-na in mind. The first actress to be shown was, of course, Bae Doona. Bae Doona looked back, saying, “I was glad you contacted me first, but after reading the script, I thought, ‘This person (director Jeong) is still the same’ and, ‘ The script is still good.” “Director Jung is very calm in his dealings with the weak, and in doing so he seems to bring out aspects of every corner that we haven’t talked about. I think that’s sharp.

The film ‘Next Sohee’ reveals the darkness of Korean society through the story of a field trainee who is about to graduate from high school. Bae Doo-na plays Oh Yoo-jin, a detective who investigates the death of field intern So-hee. Provided by Twin Plus partners

Filming wrapped on February 28. Before leaving for the Hollywood movie “Level Moon” on March 3, Bae Doo-na recommended to director Jung, “Hurry up and submit it to the Cannes Film Festival.” “It seemed like it would come out like the script from the time of filming and the desire to have it perfect” worked. “Next Sohee” was selected as the closing film of Critics’ Week at the Cannes Film Festival. Bae Doo-na was unable to attend the Cannes Film Festival due to filming, but she heard the audience’s reaction through director Jung. “It’s a bit of a stretch, but after the screening, a viewer took off his mask and said that water (tears) flowed. I heard that the response from young people was very good, but I guess it’s because there is no difference in the experiences of newcomers around the world.

It’s been 20 years since I started acting in KBS’s drama “School” in 1999. Bae Doona said, “I feel overwhelmed when I play a character and I’m called by my name.” He also said, “I can first be seen as Bae Doo-na rather than a character by acting for a long time. This is because “if I speak, the character can be buried”.

Instead, Bae Doo-na said, “I plan to express my voice as much as possible through movies.” Acting as a virtuous policeman in recent works such as “Broker” (2022), “Do Hee” and the drama “Secret Forest” is also unrelated to this. Bae Doo-na said, “If a movie’s story permeates the audience, it can impact society.”

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