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Enjoy culture and art at Kolon Resort & Hotel, offering the “Culture with Kolon” ​​package

by Pansy Robbins
Hotel Kolon “Cinema” package. [사진=코오롱호텔]

Kolon Resort & Hotel offers packages that allow you to experience cultural contents such as reading, food, art, watching movies and experiential activities.

Kolon Resort & Hotel announced on the 19th that it would launch 5 types of “Culture with Kolon” packages to celebrate “Culture Day” on the 21st. “Culture Day” was established every year on the third Saturday of October to increase interest in culture and the arts and encourage participation.

First, Kolon-affiliated resorts and hotels have launched products that allow you to enjoy “book vacations” and “gastronomic vacations” while relaxing. The “Fallin Bookcance” package includes a book “Somerset Mom Danpyeonseon”, a book that is good to read in a travel destination selected by “Minumsa”, a bookmark, a postcard, etc. The “Autumn Gourmet” package includes signature makgeolli from the region where each establishment is located and two glasses of makgeolli.

Gyeongju Kolon Hotel offers a package that allows you to not only appreciate artworks but also participate in exhibitions. The “Art Hocance” package includes entry for two people to the “Time After Time” media art exhibition installed inside the establishment, and the “Tell Me Your Wish” package gives you the opportunity to decorate the wishing tree installed outdoors. “Yeonhawon” garden. A “wishing egg” is provided.

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In addition, the “Cinema” package has also been launched, allowing you to watch the latest films in your room. You can experience “your own movie theater” by staying overnight in a room equipped with an extra-large 120-inch screen, soundbar and beanbags, plus snacks such as two highballs and pop -corn.

Mauna Ocean Resort has created a free play zone in the first floor lobby where you can experience the unique “Play+Vacation”. A mini ping pong table, pool table and darts board are set up for any guest to use. The space is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Uljin Geumgangsong Ecorium regularly offers various experiential wellness programs. At a property surrounded by a Geumgang pine forest, guests can enjoy daily activities such as forest bathing, Chahun meditation, yoga, and soap and bangsho making.

An official from Kolon Resort & Hotel said, “In commemoration of Culture Day, we have planned this package so that guests can naturally experience various cultural contents within the hotel. » He added: “We will continue to develop leisure products and programs adapted to the situation. characteristics of each resort and hotel,” he said.

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