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EXO’s Xiumin Doesn’t Know Trends, But His Appearance Matches… Chief Suho’s Sad Tears

by Pansy Robbins

[사진]OSEN DB.

[OSEN=오세진 기자] EXO’s Xiumin has taken a mirror selfie challenge.

On the 13th, Xiumin posted a photo to his account with the caption, “I heard they take photos like this these days…”. Xiumin, who usually doesn’t talk much, seems a little shy, and it’s clear that he’s searched a lot in his own way, but he doesn’t brag about it and speaks cautiously, making the viewer smile broadly.

Of course, the selfie posted by Xiumin is a mirror selfie with flash, and the current trend is a selfie that seems infinite by reflecting the front selfie in a mirror, so it’s a so-called “obsolete” version of the selfie. It’s good though. Xiumin’s beauty ran out. No, it’s more like a scene from a vintage movie.

In the photo, Xiumin shows off the glorious end, with a hard-to-follow bottle cut, heavy smoky makeup, and a gorgeous sequined top, layered necklaces, and chunky rings. However, the light cat eyes without a single eyelid and light lips, which give the illusion of tears even when smudged with flash, are half hidden, which makes the picture even more regrettable.

In addition, Xiumin also posted a photo taken with DO on a paid communication app, and although they are busy taking mirror selfies, the two people with eyes that seem to be shouting “Tell me the answer, mom” are no different from their debut .while bragging about her beauty.

[사진]OSEN DB.

[사진]OSEN DB.

It was the leader, Suho, who felt sorry for Xiumin, who did his best for the fans despite not knowing the trend. After honestly writing “not good” in the comment, Suho made people laugh by adding a tear emoji.

In response, fans said, “EXO, the older hyungs who know fashion and don’t know fashion,” “If they come back, they want to do anything fashionable, but they go crazy because that they don’t know. mode”, “Is it true that you have a pretty face in the meantime? Have you frozen your age? It’s a super power, bro.”, “It’s so nice to see them together like this, no matter what you do, you’re EXO”, “Minseok-ah, go to Junmyeon’s Instagram, he there’s this fashionable selca there”, “The photo taken with Doh Kyungsoo was like puzzled puppies, so we laughed a lot”, etc. seemed

Additionally, Xiumin misses Kai’s vacancy in the military, personally sends a video letter on ‘M Countdown’, and once again mentions Kai’s vacancy via a paid communication app, expressing his love for EXO, which is no different from EXO-L. showed up

EXO released their 7th regular album “EXIST” on the 10th and broke their own record with 1.68 million pre-orders, proving their dignity as the first million sellers in the 2000s./[email protected]

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