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Ho-Am Foundation, online youth conference “Knowledge Sharing Festival”

by Pansy Robbins

▲ ‘Fun and Run, 2022 Summer Cool Talk Festival’ poster. ⓒHoam Foundation

After last year, the Ho-Am Foundation is hosting an online summer vacation conference for young people “Fun & Learn, 2022 Summer Cool Talk Festival!” for young people across the country from the 26th to the 28th for three days and YouTube, announced on the 18th.

The Ho-Am Foundation has held various conferences for future generations every year by inviting celebrities from all walks of life, including Samsung Ho-Am award winners. Since last year, it has been taking place in a safe and convenient way during the summer and winter holidays so that more young people can participate.

This summer vacation conference was held with the participation of nine of Korea’s top scholars, including Samsung Ho-Am award winners, with various topics such as ▲ The World Seen Through Science ▲ Humanities and the Arts ▲ Dreaming of creating the future, etc. online conference will take place.

On the first day of “The World Through Science”, Professor Hyung-Joo Park, holder of the chair of Ajou University, will talk about the role and value of mathematics in antiquity, when there had no letters so far, under the theme “Why learn mathematics?” ?’.

Professor Beom-Jun Kim of Sungkyunkwan University presents ways of viewing various phenomena of nature and human society from a physical perspective under the theme of “the world seen through physics”.

Professor Nam-gyu Park from Sungkyunkwan University will give a lecture on the birth and development process of perovskite, an innovative material that will replace the existing silicon solar cell, under the theme of “perovskite that produces electricity with light.

On the second day of “Humanities and Art,” director Yoo Ji-hyo discusses how movies influence and benefit our lives under the theme “Why do we watch movies?

Myeong-gyo Jeong, a professor at Yonsei University, shares the theme “Should we live smart?”

Hyeongseok Kim, Professor Emeritus of Yonsei University, will share the life experiences and wisdom of a philosopher who lived for more than a century under the theme “The Story of a Philosopher’s Youth.”

On the 3rd day of “Dream of Creating the Future”, painter Kim Mul-gil expresses various experiences he has felt during his travels to 46 countries around the world on the theme of “drawing the smell of people”.

KAIST Emeritus Professor Jang Seok-bok tells the story of his growth as a mountain scientist in Gangwon-do under the theme, “Science and I Grow Together.”

Kim Do-yeon, professor emeritus of Seoul National University, will deliver a message of hope to young people thinking about the future under the theme “Creating a Happy Future.”

Anyone can watch the conference in real time via the Hoam Foundation’s YouTube channel, and young people who have pre-registered on the Eventus website by the 25th can participate directly via Zoom. Additionally, the Ho-Am Foundation hosts various Instagram giveaway events.

Additionally, the Ho-Am Foundation released “Fun & Learn, Future Textbook for Youth” on the 15th, which is a compilation of lectures given by 9 of the speakers from the past year to instill dreams and hopes for the future. among young people across the country. will be distributed free of charge.

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