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[IFA 2022] LG Electronics “Latest 97-inch OLED TV is the biggest”

by Pansy Robbins

▲ Visitors enjoy the game at the Flex Arcade prepared by LG Electronics. (Reporter Hyojin Jang js62@)

LG Electronics, which introduced the world’s largest OLED TV, plans to stop producing large-screen products.

Seonpil Baek, General Manager of TV CX (Customer Experience) at HE Headquarters of LG Electronics, held a technical briefing in Berlin, Germany, where ‘IFA 2022’, Europe’s largest consumer electronics show, stood on 3 (local time) and said this.

Director Baek said, “The size extension (OLED TV) is limited to 97 inches and no more. It is difficult to carry.” He added: “Chances are that the Type 70 model will be the main one.”

LG Electronics unveiled the world’s first 97-inch evo OLED at this year’s IFA. This completes the full range of 40-inch to 90-inch models. The range of ultra-wide OLED TVs over 70 inches (about 178 cm diagonal) has grown from 7 models last year to 10 this year.

Director Baek expressed confidence in developing the 42-inch “Flex” flexible gaming OLED TV with gamers that can bend the screen.

He said: “Flex seems to be getting a lot of attention,” he said. He continued, “The 48-inch model is too big and curved when playing games, and when watching movies I like a flat screen because of the distortion,” he added.

The flexible drive mechanism, supplemented by LG Electronics’ exclusive technology, can adjust the curvature degree of the screen in 20 steps in the range of up to 900R (the radius of a 900mm circle is bent) . When watching general content, you can see the whole screen at a glance on a flat screen, or in a gaming environment where immersion is more important, you can adjust the curvature as much as you want and change it to a curved screen.

It also features an ergonomic design that adjusts the screen position to suit the viewing posture of customers who love to game. The new product supports tilt which tilts the screen up and down up to 15 degrees and supports screen height adjustment within a maximum of 14cm.

Flex can set the optimal picture quality and sound based on the game features the user enjoys on the game board. It also supports presets that easily recall frequently used settings according to game genres such as FPS (first person shooter) and sports. In addition to the standard 42-inch screen, you can also adjust the screen size to 32-inch or 27-inch. It is equipped with a built-in microphone and supports clear voice chat with echo cancellation to distinguish between game sounds and user voices and transmit them to the other party.

The Flex is a 42-inch OLED EVO-based product launched earlier this year. The “5th Generation AI Alpha 9 Processor” and “Picture Quality Algorithm” exclusively for OLED EVO are applied. By applying SAR panel, light reflection and screen reflection have also been reduced compared to existing products of the same class.

As one of the main themes of this year’s IFA 2022, LG Electronics has created a “flexible arcade” where visitors can freely experience new products. Visitors visiting the LG Electronics booth experienced content such as past retro games, latest console games, OTT and movies through 20 Flex units and 48-inch OLED TVs.

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