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Inos-Thor: Love and Thunder, collaboration event to celebrate the release

by Pansy Robbins

(Cnet Korea = correspondent Hong Sang-hyun) Inos announced on the 6th that it would launch a collaboration event to commemorate the release of the film. .

This event is a promotion in which 100% of Starbucks gift cards are presented to participants. Joining is simple. All you need to do is photograph the “Latest Inos R7 Lidar Robot Vacuum Cleaner” on the back of the flyer placed in theaters across the country and send it to the official Inos event email.

The “latest Innos R7 Lidar robot vacuum cleaner” placed on the lower back of the brochure is an intelligent smart vacuum cleaner with a high degree of completion over a 10-month development period, including patent application and self-la mussel production at Allin.com, which operates Innos in mid-July. This is a collaboration product with Marvel, which is expected to be released as an IoT product, “Inos R7 lidar robot vacuum cleaner”.

The Innos R7 lidar robot vacuum cleaner can be controlled remotely through the “Innos Home” and “Google Home” apps developed by Innos. What’s more, it supports the latest UV sterilization technology to eradicate 99% of harmful bacteria ▲ Strong suction power up to 4500pa and AUTO dust removal ▲ 6400mAh large capacity battery can work up to 4 hours or more ▲ Clean mounted station LCD lamp and secondary sterilization ▲ Automatically cleans the cleaning area It is equipped with various technologies such as intelligent mapping that searches and cleans, the latest LDS + I to F laser sensor and wet mop mode AUTO which automatically detects floors and carpets with sensors.

Innos provides special services using the know-how acquired in the exploitation of existing television brands. In order to solve the inconvenience of having to pack and send to the brand company directly by courier for detailed internal cleaning due to the organization of Innos’ own internal business travel service organization , Innos provides a cleaning service that goes directly to the buyer’s home and picks up After the purchase of the product, it is guaranteed for up to 1 year.

An Innos official said, “This is a collaboration event to commemorate the release of the upcoming Innos R7 Marvel robot vacuum and , and will be held until the 31st of this month. We are delighted to be able to present it, and we will continue to strive to delight consumers through differentiated marketing and various events.

For more information on the collaboration event with Enos, click here. official sitecan be registered

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