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by Stewart Cole

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“Spider-Man: No Way Home” has led the box office in the United States since its release on December 16. However, a new movie took the crown over the weekend. Here, see the full story.

Jacob Batalon, Zendaya and Tom Holland
© Gareth Cattermole / Getty ImagesJacob Batalon, Zendaya and Tom Holland

A month has passed since then “Spider-Man: No Way Home” came out in theaters. The movie broke the box office thanks to the millions of fans who wanted to know what would happen Peter Parker and Polyuniverse. And while the ad campaign is still there, its the last installment MCU was eventually dethroned at the top of the box office.

“No Way Home” picked up a draw-jopping $ 1.625 million worldwide, according to Deadline, is the seventh highest grossing film of all time. In the United States alone, the film is already fifth on the list $ 698.7, according to Box Office Mojo, surpassing even “Avengers: Infinity War”.

The “No Way Home” numbers are incredible, especially for a movie that was released during the pandemic. However, whatever goes up must go down now ‘Spiderman’ is no longer at the top of the domestic box-office as it has been overtaken ‘Scream’.

“No Way Home”: Marvel movie no longer leads to the box office

According to the figures published by Box Office Mojo, Scream is now the top movie in the box office thanks to $ 30.6 million start weekend. According to Rotten Tomatoes, it is the 14th best opening in January. Meanwhile, “No Way Home” raised $ 20.8 million over the weekend.

Scream also won the 15th best opening overall during the pandemic, a list of Marvel sequels, Dune, and jungle cruise. The final installment of the horror franchise takes place in Woodsboro, where a young serial killer uses his mask Ghost face terrorizes the city.

But despite this “loss”, “No Way Home” still continues to gather more at the box office. Right now, the movie Spidey is $ 50 million away from exceeding “Jurassic World” for the sixth of all time. It does not seem impossible for the Marvel and Sony movie.

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