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Revealed Hyundai Motor Group’s latest SDV-era technology, Kia EV9

by Pansy Robbins

Vanguard of Hyundai Motor Group’s ‘SDV era’… Latest Kia EV9 technology unveiled
First FoD application that adds functions like installing a smartphone application… “Expanding customer choice”

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Lim Ki-chang = Hyundai Motor Group, which is accelerating the transition to software-driven vehicles (SDV),[000270]unveiled the latest SDV technology applied to its second dedicated electric vehicle EV9.

In a video posted on the group’s official YouTube channel on 4, Hyundai Motor Group showcased EV9’s SDV technologies, such as a feature shopping service using the Kia Connect Store and conditional partial self-driving (HDP) level 3 on the highway that allows driving even with your hands. off the wheel. .
The EV9 is a large electric sport utility vehicle (SUV) based on Hyundai Motor Group’s E-GMP platform, and is a vehicle that Hyundai Motor Group attaches great importance to as an electric vehicle that ushers in the SDV era. for real.
EV9 has greatly expanded the scope of the over-the-air (OTA) software update application from existing core parts to various convenience features such as the Driver Assistance System (ADAS). OTA is a function that keeps controller software up-to-date through wireless communication between the cloud server and the vehicle without connecting separate equipment to the vehicle.
Hyundai Motor Group explained that OTA can improve customer convenience by supplementing existing functions or adding new functions without visiting a service center.
Previously, Hyundai Motor Group first implemented OTA through the Genesis GV60 dedicated electric vehicle in 2021, and since then it has performed OTA to improve marketability about 25 times in six vehicle models.
Using advanced OTA, EV9 was first applied with the Fod (Features on Demand FoD) service, which allows customers to selectively purchase and add software features to their vehicles based on their needs. , just like installing a smartphone application (app). FoD is available on the Kia Connect Store website or on the “My Kia” smartphone app.

A Kia official said: “We have applied the concept of the smartphone to automobiles so that the car goes beyond its basic role as a means of transport and becomes a smart device.” We can freely add specifications, which greatly expands our choice. »
Currently, features available for purchase through the Connect Store include Remote Smart Parking Assist 2 (RSPA2) which supports remote parking and exiting, and Park Assist, the “lighting model” which you Allows you to select the front digital lighting grid pattern of your liking, There are three types of “streaming plus” to enjoy music content.
RSPA1, previously applied to the G90 and Ioniq 6, only allowed remote parallel and perpendicular parking, but RSPA2 allows remote parking or parking of vehicles even in oblique spaces. If you buy a lighting model, you can select different images such as energy efficiency, dynamism and high technology and implement them on the digital lighting grid.
Connect Store products consist of lifetime use with no period restriction, but term products such as lease, rental and used cars that can be used monthly or annually depending on the situation of the customer are also provided.
Hyundai Motor Group plans to develop services such as the continuous addition of FoD products with the aim of providing a “personalized vehicle experience” to customers.

HDP, which was first applied to EV9, currently has an upper self-driving speed limit of 80 km/h, but plans to increase the speed and add features via future updates. .
In addition, various convenient functions, including entertainment such as watching movies, playing games and video conferencing, will continue to be provided through the Connect Store.
However, functions directly related to vehicle safety, such as airbags and braking systems, are excluded from the FoD, and frequently used basic comfort functions are not sold separately as FoD services.
A Hyundai Motor Group official said, “The EV9, based on various SDV-based technologies, is a vehicle with sufficient potential as an SDV plane,” he said.
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