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Samsung Electronics showcases premium connectivity experience with Galaxy S23 series at MWC 2023 – Samsung Newsroom UK

by Pansy Robbins

Samsung Electronics 27Day(local hour) Opening in Barcelona, ​​SpainMobile World Congress 2023′ (Mobile World Congress 2023, underneath MWC23)Togalactic ecosystemIntroducing a premium mobile experience based on.

First, Samsung Electronics 17Galaxy launched on S23 The series is displayed on a large scale and welcomes visitors. Visitors to the camera performance and The exhibition stands are diversely configured so that you can experience various innovative features..

Samsung screen, Google, Partners such as Qualcomm have also set up Galaxy Experience Zones in their exhibition stands.mobile display, ‘android SE’, ‘mobile AP’ Introducing various innovative parts and software such as.

Samsung Electronics targets global telecommunications operators. 5G A network exhibition stand was also set up.. in this location ‘5G virtualized base station, ‘New range of network chipsetsenergy saving solutions Unveiling the future of next-generation innovation networks.

□ Galaxy S23 Focus on stock camera performance, Operation of various experience kiosks

Samsung Electronics MWC23Fira Gran Via where the(Fira Gran Via) My3in the center of the exhibition hall 1,745m²(528flat) size A full-scale Galaxy exhibition stand was installed..

the exhibition stand AReleased in San Francisco, USAGalaxy S23 Ultra’ and Premium Laptopsgalaxy book3 ultra etc It is designed to experience the latest mobile products and a more powerful Galaxy ecosystem..

Samsung Electronics invites visitors to Galaxy S23 To experience the powerful camera performance of the seriesCosmosclassseoul nightsecond A camera studio with the concept of a film set as a motif was created in the showroom..

In the studio, visitors feel as if they were a professional director or photographer.Galaxy S23 ultraunequaled 2billion pixels camera andnitrography(Nightography)’ function can be experienced.

‘Galaxy S23 seriesThere’s also a space to experience the powerful mobile gaming performance of. the viewers eAs a sports stadium concept In the created experience space, you can enjoy various mobile games and experience powerful product performance..

AlsoGalaxy watch5′data-driven sleep coaching feature provided by, Galaxy Smartphone and Samsung Smart TV, air purifier, breathing machine You can also experience a variety of Galaxy ecosystems such as SmartThings and Samsung Pay connecting at the same time..

In addition, Samsung Electronics has an eco-responsible vision.sustainable everyday life(Daily Sustainability)’and efforts to achieve the goal. previous galaxy Galaxy with the most recycled materials among smartphones S23 The design history of the series, You can also check out various eco-friendly accessories products..

□ Introducing various Galaxy ecosystems through collaboration with global partners

Samsung Display, which cooperates with Galaxy’s mobile display, is Pira Gran Via(Fira Gran Via) My2Set up a separate exhibition stand in the exhibition hall Present the innovative performance of the latest screens to visitors.

the viewersGalaxy Z fold4′Climb on Ultra Thin Glass (UTG)You can directly check the durability ofgalaxy book3 seriesof ‘Dynamic AMOLED(AMOLED) 2X’ You can also experience the display..

My2showroom and3Google is located between the exhibition hallsandroid At the exhibition stand, you can see the partnership between Samsung Electronics and Google.

First, the audiencehearing aidscan be experienced on a Galaxy smartphone.. Microwave or dishwasher available on site when it endsGalaxy S23 seriesAndGalaxy Z flip4′is a function that recognizes the end alarm sound and informs it with a display and vibration..

AlsoGalaxy watch5′You can also take selfies by remotely controlling the camera of your Galaxy smartphone..

My3located in the exhibition hallQualcomm at the exhibition standGalaxy S23 ultraYou can enjoy powerful gaming performance with. ‘Galaxy S23 ultraEast Snapdragon for Galaxy® 8 2Generation(Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy)’to deliver more powerful usability and mobile gaming experience..

□ Target global telecom operators, The next generation 5G Presentation of the future of the network

Samsung Electronics MWC23from the United States, United Kingdom, New products supplied to major global trading networks such as Japan 5G Open the solution to global telecom operators.

▲New generation 5G virtualized base station(virtualized RAN), ▲New Generation 64T64R Multi-I/O base station(Massive Radio MIMO), ▲Software solutions for energy saving and It plans to attract the attention of partners by introducing various technologies such as network automation solutions..

Also 5G modem chip(5G modem SoC), wireless communication chip(RFIC) New range of high-performance network chipsets developed by Samsung Electronics(Samsung Networks chipset)will also be presented.

The next generation of Samsung with a new chipset 5G base station, It realizes smaller size and lighter weight than before, but the data handling capacity is approx.2cell growth(Cell)power consumption per approximately 40% is reduced by approximately.

In the meantime, Samsung Electronics CMM at the entrance to the roomGalaxy S23 seriesAndgalaxy book3 series Large outdoor advertisements for the latest mobile products such as. width 20m, length 9m Outdoor advertising of this magnitude can be realized even outside the exhibition hall. MWC23Made to feel the warmth of.

At the Samsung Electronics exhibition stand, Samsung Electronics models display the exhibition stand.

Galaxy Large Scale Exhibition Booth MWC2023

MWC2023 presents the full-scale Galaxy exhibition booth.

A Samsung Electronics model showcasing the full-scale Galaxy exhibition booth at MWC2023

▲Samsung Electronics has prepared a large-scale Galaxy exhibition booth with a size of 1,745 m² (528 pyeong) in the center of Fira Gran Via Exhibition Hall 3, where MWC 2023 will be held. Samsung Electronics models exhibiting the exhibition stand at the Samsung Electronics exhibition stand

At the entrance to the MWC 2023 venue, large outdoor advertisements for the latest mobile products such as the “Galaxy S23 series” and the “Galaxy Book 3 series”

▲ At the entrance to the MWC 2023 venue, Samsung Electronics also displayed large outdoor advertisements for the latest mobile products such as “Galaxy S23 series” and “Galaxy Book 3 series”. The outdoor advertisement measuring 20m wide and 9m long was designed to feel the heat of MWC 2023 even outside the exhibition hall.

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