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“Scream” fans give the perfect title for the upcoming sixth film

by Stewart Cole

via Paramount / Spyglass

Scream Fans have not had it so well since the 1990s. From the fifth film that will be released in January, the production is already in progress for the next installment of the meta-horror franchise. Exactly as we originally called the restart Scream 5before we learn that he officially had the title Screamfans refer to the upcoming movie as Scream 6. But maybe it’s time to start thinking about who will actually headline Radio Silence.

Well, if directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin are looking for ideas, fans will cover them as Scream Lovers share their courts for Scream 6Its title in r / Scream subreddit. OP u / nordeliacase had a bunch of interesting ideas like He screamed again The original title of 1998 Scream 2.

Some followers agreed with his resurrection He screamed again name and offered the title of their dreams for Scream 7Scream Forever. It is rubber but it works.

But looking like new ScreamHis spartan title was inspired by 2018 Carnivalmaybe they should call the next one The Scream Killsvery?

Alternatively, they could get it Alien watch and go with Screams.

But maybe the simple but also expensive Scream 6 would suffice.

Although they could get a little creative with it.

Or, if they wanted to be chaotically bad, the studio could just keep calling every next movie Scream.

Anything but Scream: The Sequelplease.

To be honest, I kind of want it to be said He screamed louder now.

There are several options open to filmmakers now that they have abandoned the numbering system. They could try to make statements like He screamed again the He screamed louder or they could perhaps follow the path of the colon. e.g Scream: Legacy or my personal photo, Scream: Lost in New York. Seeing that the title of the 2022 movie was announced after the end of filming, we will probably find out as well Scream 6His real name later this summer.

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