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Simmons Bed, featured ‘Insight Lecture by Chae Sa-jang’ in SNS Social Content Series

by Pansy Robbins

picture explanationAn in-depth lecture by Sajang Chae, author of ‘Broad and Shallow Knowledge for Intellectual Conversation’ featured by Simmons Bed in the SNS socialization content series.

As part of the SNS socializing content series, sleep-focused brand Simmons Bed (CEO Ahn Jung-ho) released a lecture video on “How to Live: Humanities Thinking and Growth” by the three-million-selling author Chae Sa-jang.

Chae Sa-jang is a popular best-selling author who has written various books, including the “Broad and Shallow Knowledge for Intellectual Conversation” series, across various intellectual backgrounds such as literature, philosophy, religion, western art , modern physics, history, society, and economics. The knowledge accumulated through the podcasts of the same name, “Broad and Shallow Knowledge for Intellectual Conversation” (Land Wide Shallow), and YouTube’s “Cooking Universe”, book concerts and lectures are freely disseminated.

In this video, Chae clearly revealed her feelings based on deep insight and a rich understanding of the essence of human beings and how to live life.

First, in the first video released on the 28th, he asked the question “Are you living well?” and pointed out the causes of pain, anxiety, and anxieties about modern people’s lives that are inversely proportional to affluent reality. He introduced that the types of human suffering are surprisingly simple, including economic issues, interpersonal relationships, health issues, and metaphysical concerns.

Chae said, “Since the pain in the heart comes from the desire to possess and the obsession, you have to know how to keep the ‘middle way’ which isn’t biased anywhere,” he explained.

In the second video, which will be uploaded on August 1, there will be free conversations between Sajang Chae and Doksil Lee, a science communicator. Sajang Chae and Doksil Lee have built a strong friendship by boasting of fantastic breathing in the podcast “Broad and Shallow Knowledge for Intellectual Conversation”.

This video was filmed at ‘Simons Studio’ located on the second floor of Simmons grocery store, a hot spot in Cheongdam.

At Simmons Studio, Simmons officially sponsored the ‘Cheongdam Battle’ video featuring dance performances by Korea Republic’s top national players Kim Ye-ri and Jeon Ji-ye, as well as performances by hip artists -hop representative of the MZ generation. “Lil Cherry & Gold Buddha” and “Sokodomo”, as well as movie reviews. Socializing content under the themes of “The Life of a Film Critic” by Lee Dong-jin, “How not to be replaced by AI” by science communicator Lee Dok-sil, and “Secrets of the space where people gather” by author Nan-do Kim were produced and posted on Simmons’ YouTube channel. It was published as soon as it was released and received a consistent response.

Simmons Bed will continue to deliver a variety of content featuring the latest trends through its YouTube channel, adding meaning and depth to socializing both online and offline. Video of Sa-jang Chae’s lecture on “How to Live: Thought and Growth in the Humanities” is available on Simmons’ official YouTube channel.

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