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“THANKS!” mexican guys

by Pansy Robbins

MBC every1 ‘Welcome~ Is this your first time in Korea?’ video capture

One weekend afternoon, sitting side by side on the sofa in the living room, it is a small pleasure for our couple to watch a program broadcast for a week together thanks to the ‘Replay’ service. My husband likes medical dramas and crime investigations, but I like variety shows such as “Welcome, First Time in Korea” and “You Quiz on the Block.” The reason why I like this kind of program is that it contains vivid images of people and the stories of daily life are interesting. Last weekend, we watched the latest episode of “Welcome to Korea for the First Time”, and the average age of Mexicans of 61.5 years old came out. Their innocent gaze always brought a smile to their faces the whole time they watched.

At the age of over 60, he approached some unfamiliar Korean children he met in an alley in a distant foreign country where his friend’s son lived, and tried to speak in Mexican. With their eyes shining like boys in front of grilled tripe, which is an unfamiliar appearance we’ve never seen in our lives, we wondered if we could grow old into pure and friendly adults like them. Then, at some point, tears welled up in my eyes without realizing it, from the conversation they had as they walked through the dark alleys of the mall after a late dinner at a restaurant near from Nakwon Shopping Center.

It was because of a word that was casually said to his friend’s son, Christian, while looking up and enjoying the surrounding scenery, saying that everything was so pretty, even the lights of the Street. “It might not be a big deal for you, but for me that distance is like magic.” And, in the words that followed, tears welled up in my eyes. “When you watch a movie, there are places you can’t reach. When you watch a movie, there are scenes you want to touch. I’m in that place right now.” He reached out and vividly told his friend’s son what he was going through inside at that moment. Then he touched his chest with his outstretched hand and said. “Oh, it’s so amazing. I can’t believe it. It’s like a dream.”

It is probably not only because of my excessive sensitivity that I felt a sense of emotion in those who stop and stand in the nightscape of the alleys of Nakwon Arcade, which is nothing special to look at, and which even look old and decaying. The streets we come and go every day, the landscapes of the alleys we always see, the air that is nothing new, the family, the neighbors, the colleagues, the people, the people we all see days… If we lead a full life with a calm, uninspired attitude, our lives will drift further and further away from happiness. Indeed, if we do not know how to rediscover the beauty that permeates the time and space that surrounds us, only dissatisfaction and complaints will arise.

The appearance of the Mexican fathers who took a commemorative photo of the Beatles against the background of the old and old Jongno 3-ga Nagwon-dong street lamp, which is far from sophisticated, left a deep impression on our couple that day. I’ve learned that it’s really important to treat the people I already know, the familiar streets and spaces I come and go to as if I was experiencing them for the first time today. The technique of “mindfulness” used in psychotherapy is no different from the “new vision” that they have personally demonstrated. let’s see something new It’s like seeing it for the first time today.

Lee Jeong-mi Professor, Seoul Graduate School of Counseling Psychology

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