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“The clothes Han So-hee chose”… Fila “Motorcore Collection” launched

by Pansy Robbins

Han So-hee presents a special collection incorporating her style

A campaign video with a cinematic concept was also broadcast.

FILA announced on the 12th that it would launch the “Motorcore 2023 Collection” with global brand ambassador Han So-hee.

Fila’s 2023 Motorcore collection is inspired by motorsport, which is part of the brand’s heritage. In fact, Fila grew its motorsport collection through collaboration with motorcycle and sports car brands such as Ducati and Ferrari in the 2000s.

Fila’s unique motorsport heritage is reborn with a modern sensibility by incorporating Han So-hee’s unique colors, which she had shown through various works, and although they appear raw, they are characterized by a free look and sophisticated.

Photo from Han So-hee’s Motorcore 2023 collection

Through the Motorcore collection, Fila offers the “Bike Core Look”, which is attracting attention as a popular trend this season. “Bike core look” is a word that combines cycling and normcore, which has led the trend in recent years.

It is mainly a fashion that combines leather jackets or boots with everyday clothing, and Fila’s new collection based on motorcycles and bicycles is perfect for creating the latest trendy look of this season FW.

Fila’s Motorcore 2023 collection features a relaxed yet stylish fit and design that can reveal a strong personality even when worn casually and comfortably. It is proposed to be combined with various outerwear or leather products to create a special “bicycle basic look”. season.do.

A campaign video for this collection was also released. Han So-hee’s unique strong mood adds to the sensual visual beauty of the film-like composition, making the collection stand out even more.

Representative products from the Motorcore collection are the “Motorcore Padded Jacket” and the “Motorcore Color Block Pants”. It was designed to convey a motorsport vibe through wappen materials and details, with an emphasis on red, one of the brand’s representative colors.

Photo from Han So-hee’s Motorcore 2023 collection

Another “cut point configuration” is a product that stands out with cut details and a color design on the front. This is a configuration product consisting of a lightweight hooded jacket and pants with an adjustable hem with straps so that both the top and bottom can be worn. together.

A Fila official said: “Welcoming a new brand ambassador, we believe it is very meaningful to present a collection with a new vibe by reinterpreting the brand’s unique heritage and design with the colors of Han So-hee. ” He added, “This season, Gopcore “hopes it will be both a comfortable and stylish proposition for those who crave a new, more evolved look.”

Videos from the Motorcore collection and campaign with Sohee Han can be viewed through various channels, including Fila Korea’s official online store, SNS accounts and Fila stores nationwide.

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