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‘The End of Summer, at the Theater of the Moon’… Rooftop Film Festival – Wonju Today

by Pansy Robbins

▲Wonju rooftop film festival poster.

Wonju Rooftop Film Festival 2022 will be held online and offline from September 1 to 10. From the 1st to the 3rd, it will be held offline at the Oriental Medicine Building of Sangji University, on the roof of the Korea Tourism Organization and the Academy, and from the 4th to the 10th, it will be screened online on the ‘Purplay’ OTT platform.

The Wonju Rooftop Film Festival, created by young people from the Wonju region who wanted to share the joys of cinema with the slogan “End of summer, at the theater of the moon!”, celebrated its 6th anniversary this year. Main offline programs include ▷Gangwon Shorts ▷Rooftop Shorts ▷Rooftop Featured ▷All Night Up and auxiliary events ▷Young.SC Room (different ways to enjoy movies).

A total of 28 films are screened at this festival and admission to all screenings is free. The film festival begins with the screening of short films by Gangwon on the roof of the Oriental Medicine Building of Sangji University at 8 p.m. on the 1st. Gangwon Short Films presents short films in Gangwon Province carefully selected by selected citizen programmers through the “Citizen Programmer Training Course” held at Wonju Video Media Center from April to July.

Rooftop Shorts, which screen the latest short films in Korea, and Rooftop Feature Films, which showcase independent art feature films that have garnered attention at major domestic film festivals, will be screened on the roof of Sangji University Oriental Medicine Hall and the Korea Tourism Organization over two days on 2 and 3 from 8 p.m. A GV (Conversation with the Audience) program involving the directors and actors of the films screened in each section has also been prepared, adding to the richness of the festival.

The All Nights section, which will be held at the Academy Theater for approximately 7 hours from midnight on the 2nd, is the film ‘Old Boy’ directed by Park Chan-wook, which won the Best Director award at the 75th Festival of Cannes, and the Korean Fantastic Director’s Award and the Audience Award at the 25th Bucheon Fantastic Film Festival, and Watcha attracted attention.You can enjoy a total of 4 feature films, including the award-winning film “The Transaction Completed”, “Antebellum”, which attracted attention with the production of the film ‘Get Out’ when it was released in February this year, and a special screening which will be released on the same day.

In addition, a special conference is held under the theme “The World of Cinema and Special Makeup” in Yeong.Sa.C. Hall, which is an additional event. Professor Joo-Hyung Choi, who participated in the special makeup team in the Netflix series “Now at Our School” and “Kingdom”, will participate as a speaker, and it will take place at 2 p.m. on the 3rd at the auditorium on the 1st floor of the Oriental Medicine Building of Sangji University as a public lecture including a special makeup demonstration. .

Even after the offline event, from 4th to 10th, you can rewatch Gangwon shorts and rooftop shorts at Online Cinema, an OTT platform specializing in Korean women’s films, from 4th to 10th.
An official from Wonju Rooftop Film Festival said, “I am proud that more and more films come to Wonju Rooftop Film Festival every year. ▷ Information: 070-7711-8221 (Wonju Rooftop Film Festival)

2022 Wonju Rooftop Film Festival Screenings
◇Gangwon Short Line: ▷Distancing ▷Earth ▷J and I ▷Negative Ion ▷We must love each other
◇Rooftop Part 1: ▷Dad is an alien ▷Chewing ▷SUFFER ▷Highlights
◇Rooftop Fragment 2: ▷Lighting the fire at two in the morning ▷Aman a Man ▷Joui ▷29th breath
◇Roof Fragment 3: ▷Close your eyes and take a deep breath ▷Chrysanthemum Cross ▷Nocturne ▷When the autumn wind blows
◇Roof Fragment 4: ▷Legend of the Earth ▷Love Puzzle ▷Things That Disappear ▷Kiss Me, Hug Me Alone! ▷We of the day ◇Rooftop edition: ▷Shinna Yoon disappeared ▷More ◇All night: ▷Oldboy ▷Transaction completed ▷Antebellum

Journalist Park Soo-hee [email protected]

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