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The New York Times saw Naples through the movie Sorrentino

by Stewart Cole

It mixes light and shadow, misery and nobility, like in a movie before Paolo Sorrentino. Naples is a city of contrasts, elaborate baroque villas next to naughty houses, relentless and unruly traffic and has an official unemployment rate of 21.5%, double the national average. But it is also a cultural, popular and civilized city and home to songs like “Ya Sol Mio” and “Santa Lucia”. This is the method used by the file The New York TimesUsing a code that is more complex than the obvious crises of “Le Figaro” and caused controversy just at the time of the Oscar-nominated film.

“It was Deuce’s hand” in the middle of the article he signed Elisabetta PovoledoThe autobiographical history of his composition becomes an excuse to talk about the city itself and its transformations, the outdoor groups that have become commonplace and the creative atmosphere that Sorrentino supports from directors such as Antonio Capuano, Mario Marton, Stefano Incerti, Pape Corsicato. With “Un posto al Sole” and “The team”, beyond the vision of Gomorra Mathieu Garon and TV series. Thus, “Naples in turn is wonderful and declining, sunny and unpredictable, comfortably familiar and ultimately a border country.”

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