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The People God Has Betrayed, ‘Million Dollar Baby’

by Pansy Robbins

◈ The story of those who wore the mask of God and those who were betrayed by him ‘I am God: people betrayed by God’

is a Netflix documentary series that captures the tragedy of four people who called themselves gods and shook Korea and the victims around them from a cool, detailed perspective. Consisting of episodes such as “JMS, Brides of God”, “Five Oceans, 32 Corpses and Gods”, “Children’s Garden, In Search of Paradise”, and “The Man Who Became the God of All People”. The first testimonies of real people who hoped that there would be no more victims and the voices of the pursuers who persistently dug for the dark side were vividly captured to pay attention to the previously unknown truth. (To be released 3/3, crime/documentary, Korea, 2023)

◈ A new lawyer has appeared in the Holy Court! ‘Sacred, Divorce’

is a delightful human drama about artist-turned-divorce lawyer Shin Sung’s divorce demands, dizzyingly sensitive beyond imagination and the warm chemistry of three friends who are in vain. Shin Sung, a self-proclaimed representative of the legal profession and a “Royer artist” with an atypical aura. He was a capable enough pianist to become a music school teacher, but after a tragic incident he became a lawyer specializing in divorce cases. One day, Lee Seo-jin, a popular radio DJ embroiled in a scandal, appears as a client. Shin-sung struggles to win his case, even under adverse conditions. drama [비밀의 숲]Cho Seung-woo, who has acted as a prosecutor in the films And shows his fatal charm as Shin Seong, a divorce lawyer, and Han Hye-jin in the films <26 ans > And breaks down into Lee Seo-jin, who has a noble but indescribable inner story. Netflix movie and Netflix series Drama’s Sungkyun Kim [슬기로운 의사생활]Jung Moon-sung from “Shin Sung” appears as Shin Sung’s best friends and shows perfect chemistry. (To be released 3/5, Drama, Korea, 2023)

◈ The second act of fierce fashion competition opens ‘Next in Fashion Season 2’

Netflix’s Next-Gen Creator Discovery Project which was blown up by fashion folks, is back with season 2. is a survival mode series in which up-and-coming creators from around the world compete fiercely for a $200,000 prize and a chance to showcase their creations to the world. Style icon supermodel Gigi Hadid joins the newcomer’s ranks to lead the survival show in delightful progression, alongside fashion designer and artist Tan France. World-class fashion icons such as Hailey Bieber, Emma Chamberlain, Bella Hadid and Donatella Versace will serve as guest judges. (To be released 3/3, Reality, USA, 2023)

◈ Workout guide for everyone’s body and mind balance ‘Start physical training with the basics’

Let’s get acquainted with the fitness content of ‘Nike Training Club’ now on Netflix. The Nike Training Club series contains exercise programs and health secrets led by top Nike trainers. From basic exercises to high intensity exercises, you can experiment with easy and varied exercises that you can do alone or in a group depending on the part and routine you want. Always find your perfect fitness rhythm based on your condition and interests, even without equipment. , , , , , A total of 10 episodes will be released, including Burning>, , And . (To be released 3/1, Hobby/Leisure, USA, 2022)

◈ My precious…’Million Dollar Baby’, who gave me a million dollars in tears

is a touching drama about the relationship between Frankie, an aging boxing trainer, and Maggie, an aspiring boxer who comes to him to become his apprentice. Frankie, who was once a cut man and popular trainer, now runs a seedy gym on her own with a distant relationship with her daughter. Frankie finally opens his heart to Maggie, who still comes to the gym every day despite harsh rejection, and asks her to accept him as a disciple. won four major awards at the 77th Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor, and was recognized for its cinematic quality. Clint Eastwood, a world-renowned master, directs, produces and assists in music production and plays Coach Frankie, leaving a lasting deep impression in the heart. Hilary Swank gives a great performance as Maggie, and Morgan Freeman adds a strong presence as a retired boxer who works at Frankie’s gym. (To be released 3/2, Drama, USA, 2004)

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