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The producer of Super Hero destroys the place of the new movie in the Canon of Manga

by Stewart Cole

Dragon Ball Super now makes its way through theaters across Japan, and the producer back Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero clarified questions about how the movie fits the rule from the manga versions! Never Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero announced for the first time, it was revealed that Akira Toriyama started working on the newest film shortly before Dragon Ball Super: Broly came out in theaters. With the manga far surpassing the events of the anime as well, fans have begun to wonder exactly where the work fits into the film’s timeline. Now the producer behind the film has explained things a little more.

In an interview with Shueisha’s V-Jump magazine to celebrate its release Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and the last chapter of the manga series (as described by @Cipher_db on Twitter), the producer behind the movie Akio Iyoku talked about where the new movie fits into the manga rule. Clarifying a bit more about the franchise schedule as a whole, Iyoku explained that the anime and manga are actually in a “parallel” set of stories with the freedom to experiment with each release of the series.

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“Between this movie and Toyotaro-sensei manga, we currently have two series Dragon Ball Super running, “Iyoku began. “First of all, the film is clearly written as a sequel [Dragon Ball Super: Broly]. We wanted to continue and meet the expectations of everyone who has been stuck with Dragon Ball so far, according to “It would be nice if this happened” or “I hope this character appears”. Continuing further. , Iyoku then explained how it relates to the manga releases for the series.

“And to [V-Jump’s] pages, we have the ongoing story of Goku and Vegeta. “We will see new powerful enemies emerge and new stories and events will continue to evolve,” Iyoku explained. “Of course Toriyama diligently oversees the stories for the manga as well, so it’s like having events running in parallel. “When it comes to timing, we try not to build things too tightly – we would like to leave room for history, to allow for a greater degree of freedom.”

Iyoku then gives an example of how both releases can be experimented with, “For example, Broly himself was an original anime character introduced to the world of the main series by Toriyama himself, and he is just these margins left in the world of fiction that were allowed and experimented from the beginning. To put it simply, “Things are more interesting this way!”

How do you feel about Iyoku’s explanation of the movie and manga dates? Do you hope to see more than one crossover between the two one day? Tell us all your thoughts on this in the comments! You can even contact me directly for all the cartoons and other nice things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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