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Who plays Elvis Presley? – HisTimes.com

by Pansy Robbins

ELVIS Presley was a legendary musical icon and a household name around the world.

A new film will cover the life of “The King of Rock and Roll”. But who plays Elvis? Here’s everything you need to know.

Who plays Elvis Presley?

Austin Butler, 30, takes on the title role of a rock and roll star in his latest film.

He was born on August 17, 1991 in Anaheim, California.

Austin has appeared on Switched at Birth, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and The Carrie Diaries, where she rose to popularity through a variety of roles on Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and The CW.

The news catapulted Austin to superstardom with the news that he would be playing Elvis in 2019.

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The film will explore the life and music of Elvis Presley and his complex relationships.

Tom Hanks stars as the music legends’ controversial manager.

Who has ever played Elvis Presley in TV shows and movies?

Austin Butler isn’t the first star to play Elvis on a TV show or on the big screen.

Here are also actors who have played great roles.

Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell played Elvis in this 1979 biopic.

He was nominated for an Emmy for his performance the night of Elvis’ comeback in Las Vegas.

It sees Elvis reminisce about moments big and small in his life, including his early life in Mississippi and his relationship.

Don Johnson

In 1981, Don Johnson played Elvis in the TV movie Elvis and Beauty Queen.

It charts the longtime love affair between the superstar and beauty pageant winner Linda Thompson.

Johnson surprised viewers by not sounding like Presley, but playing the part in his own voice.

David Keith

David Keith starred as Elvis Presley in the 1988 comedy Heartbreak Hotel.

In the film, a teenager decides to kidnap Elvis Presley to appease his superfan mother hospitalized following a car accident.

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Drake Milligan

More recently, Elvis was played by Drake Milligan in the American drama television series.

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It takes place at Sun Studio in Memphis and is based on the musical Million Dollar Quartet.

Sun has the honor of being the first label to record the legendary Elvis.

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