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“We do not have Elvis without black music” – says Austin Butler about the King of Rock & Roll: Bollywood News

by Joe Bourn

Elvis everything is ready to storm the theaters! The upcoming Warner Bros. film, starring Austin Bulter as Elvis Presley and Olivia DeJonge as Priscilla Presley, is directed by ace director Baz Luhrmann. Butler imitates Elvis Presley in T & for the role, he underwent a lot of preparation.

“We do not have Elvis without black music,” says Austin Butler of The King of Rock & Roll

At the Elvis Press Conference, in which they participated Bollywood Hungama, Austin Butler spoke about capturing the essence and characteristics of Elvis Presley. He also said that the performance of ode to black musicians was of utmost importance. “The fact that we do not have Elvis without the music of the Blacks, and to give praise where it should be,” said Austin Butler. “The narrative has been told in so many different ways, and I’m very proud to be part of this film. Sister Rosetta [Tharpe] invented rock and roll in the 1940s. “

For the role, he trained well for two years and has a movement coach, dialect coach, song coach and karate teacher. He felt tremendous pressure to play King of Rock & Roll and spent two years preparing for it. “I had these two years where I really did nothing but obsess. I just tried to be as meticulous as possible, but at the end of the day, it’s all about finding his humanity, because what fascinated me most was removing the icon, removing the caricatures or Elvis’ carnival costume and getting it. until who was in an empty room alone at the end of the day? How did he wake up in the morning? Do you know what his inner life was like? ” said Butler. “And he’s an incredibly sensitive, spiritual person, so I just found out how he evolved over the years. That was kind of my process. “

Austin Butler also had several recordings to prepare and how Elvis’s voice changed over the years as he matured with his music. Trying to capture the substance but not the caricature is what Butler focused on. “I was impressed by how his voice changes over the years. You listen to an interview in ’54 or ’55, in 56 and then another in 62, it sounds completely different. And then you listen to ’72 and it sounds different from that. And after 77, it sounds different. You have all these different voices, so I would spend a day living in one of them. I think because there were so many caricatures of him that for me, I really thought to feel that this was my life, that I see through him and I do not fall into any of these traps because it is very difficult not to do because we all have this idea about how it sounds, “Butler explained.

Austin Butler also mentioned how the recording of gospel music, which was also in the film, was a life-changing moment. “I think there were about 30 of the most incredible gospel singers I’ve ever heard in my life. And I remember the first person starting to sing and I shivered. “And then, as the voices came together, tears came out of my eyes,” Butler said. “And then everyone steps on their feet and suddenly I start to feel. I stand – they let me stand in the center – and I step on my feet and I felt that moment that little Elvis had. “I was just thrilled.”

Elvis will span the life and career of the star and explore the difficult relationship between Presley and his tyrannical manager, Col. Tom Parker, played by Tom Hanks. The studio described the film as a film that “will deepen their complex dynamics spanning 20 years, from Presley’s rise to fame to his unprecedented celebrity debut, against the backdrop of the evolving cultural landscape and the loss of innocence in America.” . The upcoming biographical film will be released in cinemas on June 24.

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