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Virat Kohli realizes what’s going on in filmmaking thanks to Anushka Sharma | Bollywood

by Joe Bourn

Actress Anushka Sharma has left her Indian cricketer husband Virat Kohli impressed with her determination for Chakda Xpress. The film is her first project since appearing in Zero, which was released four years ago. It is directed by Prosit Roy and will be streamed on Netflix. Read also: Anushka Sharma says she misses her husband Virat Kohli

In the film, Anushka will play the role of former Indian cricketer Jhulan Goswami. Anushka is shooting for it in the UK. Before the shooting schedule, she did intense training to hone her cricketing skills.

Talking about Anushka’s preparation for Chakda Xpress, Virat Kohli shared on the recent episode of FTB On The Road, “For me, a film was just watching it for three hours. Then I saw Anushka training for the film and I was like boss respect. He finds the process difficult. It’s the first time he’s done something like that, and that’s while learning bowling.”

Earlier, Anushka who is with her daughter Vamika in UK, joined Virat for a short time. Last week, the actress posted a picture of them and said she missed her husband who was back in Mohali. He is currently in London.

The photo featured them posing in a picturesque location with blue waters and greenery as the backdrop. It read: “The world seems brighter, more exciting, more fun and generally much better in places as beautiful as these or even when you’re in a hotel biobubble with that person (red heart emoji) #MissingHubby too much post. “

While Virat has immense respect for the actor due to her dedication, earlier Anushka had said that she and Virat were discussing her progress for the preparation of Chakda Xpress. She said she shows him her cricket videos and told Harper’s Bazaar, “We definitely discuss my progress. Whenever I have had a good day learning, I like to share my videos with Virat, to get his feedback. Fortunately, he is not a bowler, so I listen to my coach more. But I turn to Virat for advice.” This will be the first time for Anushka to play the role of a cricketer in a film.

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