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VR film content exhibition ‘Digital Novaver’ closes on 2

by Stewart Cole

(Vision 21 News) The 25th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN, Executive Chairman Shin Chul) concluded the VR (Virtual Reality) content exhibition ‘Digital November’ on June 2.

The 14-day exhibition, co-organized by the French Embassy in Korea and the French Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Culture, and organized by the French Embassy in Korea, BIFAN and Platform-L, was well hosted, recording sold-out records.

The exhibition strictly respected the quarantine rules (3 people per hour, 9 hours per day, closed every Monday). Naver and the memo boards on the exhibition site received favorable reviews from the public.

“When I look back, there is already a new world” (husband **********) “I was satisfied to have been able to enjoy interactive content that exceeded my expectations” ( sara ****) “Time flies. It was a shame that Gina ended” (happ ******) “Every scene in front of me was fantastic!” (bewi *****) “It was great to be able to experience quality work!” (dlwl *******) ···.

“It was really good to have another communication experience that only virtual reality can offer” “It seems like a movie from another realm” “It was nice to see a new kind of movie” “C ‘ was a unique feeling to see things forgotten or not made by the latest technology They Came. ”.

The exhibition work is a French VR film that plunges the cinematographic imagination. The 25th BIFAN’s invitation works include “Missing Images: Abel Ferrara, Birds of Prey”, “Missing Images: Tsai Ming-Liang, 7-Storey Building”, “The Birth of Painting” and “Notes on the blindness ”, which will be published for the first time in Korea.

“Missing Pictures: Abel Ferrara, Birds of Prey” and “Missing Pictures: Tsai Ming-Liang, 7-story Building” are the works in the “Missing Pictures” series of the most talked about VR film project.

‘Missing Pictures’ is a documentary series that implements in the form of unfinished VR works that the directors were unable to produce for various reasons. “The Birth of Painting” explores the Chauvet Caves, one of the greatest scientific discoveries of the 20th century and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“Notes on Blindness” is VR content containing the educational journal of the late theologian John Hull, who gradually lost his sight over a long period of time.

BIFAN is running a program to introduce VR (Virtual Reality) and XR (Extended Reality) content for the first time among national film festivals since 2016. From 2019, the “Beyond Reality” section has been newly created to offer a wider viewing experience of the works.

“Digital November” is a global event organized every year in November by the Agency for the Promotion of French Overseas Culture in 100 countries with French content linked to digital.

BIFAN and the French Agency for the Promotion of Overseas Culture continue their cooperation until the second half of this year after the “Virtual Content Travel from Incheon Airport” and “BEYOND REALITY OVER INCHEON AIRPORT” in November of l ‘last year.

BIFAN’s XR Curator Kim Jong-min said, “As the metaverse has become a hot topic, expectations for XR content have also increased. “We will create ‘Beyond Reality’ which can help the process of real growth of XR content with an audience that sympathizes with good works,” he added.

This year, “Beyond Reality” was held at Incheon International Airport for 18 days, including the festival period. About 80 films, including the special exhibition “Baobab Studio (a leader in the world of VR animation)” and “XR3” (jointly organized by Cannes Tribeca and New Image Film Festival) and new works by leading Korean directors Jina Kim and Seungmu Lee are featured (Director Jina Kim) ‘Soyosan’ recently won the award for best film in the virtual reality competition section of the 27th Geneva International Film Festival).

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