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“What is the identity of the suspicious pizza icon?” Latest Windows 11 preview builds released

by Pansy Robbins
Microsoft announced on March 2 in the Windows 11 Insider Preview channel. A new version (Build 25309) has been released.. The update includes a number of interesting fixes, including improved volume mixer and voice access, including a suspicious pizza icon in File Explorer.

However, Insider builds for the Dev Channel are experimental and will not appear in the final release. Additionally, not all Insider attendees will see this new feature. Features included in the new version include:

New Volume Mixer option in Windows 11 ⓒMicrosoft

New volume mixer added to quick settings : This feature provides more detailed information about the audio devices used on the PC and the spatial enhancement technologies supported.

Updated touch keyboard settings : If you unplug the keyboard while using a Surface Pro or Surface Go, the tablet shows the touch keyboard, expecting you to continue typing, or hides the keyboard, thinking you want to watch a movie on the screen. ‘screen. Wouldn’t you like to make these decisions yourself? You can use the “Time and language > Input” option in the Windows Settings menu.

Automatic Color Management (ACM) : Now you just need to go to ‘Settings > Display > Advanced display’, select the appropriate display and enable ‘Automatically manage app color’. According to Microsoft, colors from all Windows applications can be displayed accurately and consistently on supported displays.

You may see these or similar options in the Windows 11 Start menu. ⓒMicrosoft

badge options : This is not good news for users who hate “ads” promoting various Windows features. Microsoft plans to display more ads in the Start menu and is looking for ways to make this less irritating or more useful (?).

What Microsoft calls the “second chance”

second chance Microsoft wants you to set up your PC the way Microsoft wants it to: connect your phone to your PC, use OneDrive, set Edge as your default browser, and more. You can configure it not only when you install Windows, but also during the “second chance” which now calls your username.

Improved voice access : Microsoft supports British, Australian and Canadian accents for voice access. Additionally, the in-app help page has been redesigned to provide more information. For a complete list of voice access commands and additional information, you can visit this page. Support has also been added for selecting and editing text. More details can be found in the blog post introducing the new version.

Updated widget icon and search box : A new icon has been applied to make it easier to find the weather widget on the taskbar. Ditto for the search field.

Pizza icon means new GUI ⓒMicrosoft

Oh and pizza! : According to Microsoft, participants of the Windows Insider Program will see a “pizza” icon in the File Explorer command bar. A pizza icon means the participant is previewing the Windows App SDK version of File Explorer. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what this icon means. The functionality of File Explorer does not change, it just highlights the new user interface.

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