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Yami Gautam: Kashmir archives are beyond agenda or propaganda | Bollywood

by Joe Bourn

A few days ago, actress Yami Gautam Dhar tweeted about how, as she married a Kashmir Pandit (directed by Aditya Dhar), she was informed about the “atrocities this peaceful community has gone through”. Referring to the recently released The Kashmir archives of Vivek Agnihotri whose unprecedented success has swept the fraternity and tickets, Yami even urged everyone to watch and support the film.

Speaking to HT City, Yami says, “We are very happy to receive the film. And it’s not just success or numbers, but it shows what people are connected to or want to see or how they feel. “It’s something we have never seen before, so it has connected everyone and most importantly, people now feel liberated when they feel that they have been heard and have had the opportunity to express what they have wanted to say for so many years.”

The actor, who was last seen in an online movie One Thursday, He continues, “We have read or heard about it (leaving Kashmir) briefly, but we have never learned the details of what exactly happened. When I met Aditya and his family, [they told me] all of this has actually happened. And it’s so painful. That’s the truth and a lot has to be said. “

However, he confesses that he has not seen the film yet: “I will see it as soon as I can. I’m just busy shooting and night shifts and promoting a movie (Dasvi). And The Kashmir archives it’s not a movie you can just squeeze in time and go or watch after you pick it up. So I want to take my time … It does not go anywhere in the theaters. It’s not going to be an easy clock, as you can see from the reactions of everyone who has watched it. “

With that said, Yami reveals that Aditya booked a ticket and arrived at the theater as well. “But he just couldn’t see the movie,” he says.

“He went alone and tried but he could not enter the room. It was very overwhelming for him. He said it would be very traumatic to see all these memories again. It would be very painful and emotional to gather the courage to watch and relive the past even if it is [via] a movie.”

Asked if it bothers them that the film is being touted as propaganda to divide people or incite hatred, Yami claims that The Kashmir archives is far from all that.

“This is beyond filmmaking,” he continues. If you are a part of something that you believe in and you really like, then you stay in it. When you know the intention inside you [with which] something has happened [being tagged as a propaganda] it’s even more painful. “

Referring to the trolls or the section of society that raises questions about the intentions behind this film, Yami further adds that they should talk to the victims: “If one feels differently, why not talk to people who have been gone for years in these refugee camps? So many of them are still there and it has become a home for them. I think they could respond to these people [asking questions] better.”

Agreeing with the fact that there will always be people with different opinions, Yami concludes, “I would love to follow the feelings of the majority, with my truth, with what I have heard and with those I trust. And so many people can not lie. Emotional pain [shown in The Kashmir Files] is beyond all these discussions and agendas. “

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