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[기획]French Cinema Week 2022① Films by flamboyant women

by Pansy Robbins

With the faces of French cinema as its theme, French Cinema Week 2022 will take place in theaters across the country from November 24 to December 4. French Cinema Week, organized by the French Embassy in Korea and the Association of Film Importers and Distributors, was launched under the slogan “Save Our Cinema” by the Korea Association of Arts and Cinemas to select both popular and diverse films with care. increase contact with the public. . Last year, about 40 films, including latest films and Barda retrospectives, were screened 100 times in 14 theaters nationwide, resulting in audience conversations (GV) and flea markets. French Cinema Week, which celebrates its second year this year, presents masterpieces such as the series who made the boom of Sophie Marceau, And who today made Marion Cotillard and Audrey Tautou, It collected topical Korean works such as Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Things to Come. will be released in particular before its theatrical release during this French Cinema Week. Noémie Merland, Léa Sedoux, Lina Coudry, Marion Cotillard, Sophie Marceau, Stacy Martin, Adèle Haenel, Emlyn Bayard, Eva Green, Audrey Tautou, Isabelle Huppert and Catherine Pro. By borrowing the faces of actresses on fire, we present the films screened during French Cinema Week.

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Myeongdong CGV Station Cinematheque, Megabox Sinchon, KU Cinematheque, The Soop Art Cinema, Leica Cinema, Art Nine, Art House Momo, Emu Cinema, S Factory, Film Forum, Movie Space Juan, Myung Film Art Center, Daejeon Art Cinema, Cine Indie U, Gwangju Theater, etc.

*The following article continues the presentation of the actors and screenings of French Film Week 2022.

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