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[리뷰] Watch the movie in the board game. cinema code

by Pansy Robbins

Through the story of the film’s main character, we indirectly experience the hard things in life, such as having exciting adventures and sharing love with a fateful partner, and achieving vicarious satisfaction. Also, after watching a movie, I share opinions with people, sympathize with each other, and have new ideas.

As such, films loved by people have great cultural and commercial influence, and because of this, new works are often created through collaboration with various media such as books and games.

Gemblo, a board game developer, recently introduced a “Cinema Code” board game based on a “movie”, attracting attention. Usually, new works based on movies are based on a specific IP, but this game is not about a specific movie, but “life movies” that have impressed many people, giving it a unique feel.

cinema code

Familiar scenes emerge when cards from the movie are shuffled and placed in preparation for play. Since “Cinema Code” is a game in which you take out 80 cards of characteristic artwork based on movies and guess the title, the card she -even provides fun and visual enjoyment by guessing what kind of movie it is.

But it’s too early to be vigilant just because you’ve seen a lot of movies. Since the correct quiz answers and the types of hints are also randomly determined, if you try to get the correct answer blindly, you will only lose your chance. The contestant must choose the correct clue so that people can get the correct answer, and the other players who must succeed only have one chance, so choose the correct answer carefully, but faster than others.

In other words, it is necessary to have the thinking ability to interpret the given clue and rank the cards which may be the correct answer.

Various illustrations reminiscent of a movie scene
Various illustrations reminiscent of a movie scene

There are four types of hint tokens: “icon”, “color”, “location”, and “gender”. It can point to a specific part. Additionally, the contestant cannot speak while asking the question, and since they only have to give information with hint tokens, they become more immersed in the game.

If someone gets the answer correct, the next player becomes the questioner, and if all players “pass” because they don’t know the correct answer, the questioner draws the next clue. As the number of clues increases, the score for correcting the correct answer decreases and the score for up to two clues is the same. After that, when all players ask two questions, the game ends and the player with the most points wins.

Compositions that evoke pleasant memories of the film
Compositions that evoke pleasant memories of the film

Books, movies, and games naturally go back and forth thanks to the fact that they compose content around an engaging story, but it’s not easy to transition to a board game that demands everything to fit together. expresses with limited components.

However, “Cinema Code” combines the charm of a board game that brings people together with a great conversation piece called “movie,” and expresses it with sultry and appropriate artwork, creating surprisingly well-matched results. Even though it’s the same movie, the reasoning process of discovering that each person has a different perspective on remembering should provide some fun new conversation.

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