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10 new Marvel heroes explain why humans exist

by Stewart Cole

[리뷰]The movie ‘The Eternals’ will be released on 3

The pursuit of diversity to break down prejudices stands out

Illumination of human civilization rather than a heroic tale

Development is fun with the introduction of a new character

Excerpts from the film ‘The Eternals’ ./ Photo courtesy of The Walt Disney Company Korea

Viewers entering the room while waiting for a “Marvel” movie may not feel familiar. Up to 10 heroes with superpowers and humor unique to Marvel characters appear, and countless action-packed action and Hollywood’s latest cinematic science and technology, “The Eternals” cannot be erased of the thought that this is something different from the existing Marvel movies. will be released on 3.

‘The Eternals’ tells the story of ten immortal heroes who came to Earth thousands of years ago, living in separate places without revealing their existence in the human world, then reunited to fight the revival of activity of mankind’s oldest enemy, ‘Debianz’, it is a work of art. Director Chloe Zhao, who won the Best Picture and Best Director at the 93rd Academy Awards for “Nomad Land,” is in charge of the directing. Additionally, Marvel fan expectations are high as this is the first work in which the new MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is revealed after “Avengers: Endgame”.

Excerpts from the film ‘The Eternals’ ./ Photo courtesy of The Walt Disney Company Korea

Certainly, “The Eternals” is a work which shows that Marvel has chosen the “road not taken”. Unlike Iron Man, Captain America, or Spider-Man, he’s not filled with a single white male hero. The 10 heroes are reminiscent of a “world family” with different skin colors. It also shows that relatively weak people, such as people with disabilities, sexual minorities, and children, can become heroes. The requirements for the head of the hero corps are also different from existing hero movies. The leader who can bring out the harmony of the group rather than the strongest strength. The attempt to shatter stereotypes is also confirmed in the character of Gilgamesh played by Ma Dong-seok. Director Chloe Zao recently said in a video conference with Korean reporters: “Gilgamesh is the original version of the strong man we have seen in human history and culture. “Was chosen,” he said.

Excerpts from the film ‘The Eternals’ ./ Photo courtesy of The Walt Disney Company Korea

Moreover, the heart of the Eternals is not the heroic tale. Although different heroes endlessly fill the screen, the film does not focus on the special abilities of the immortal hero, but rather sheds light on the finite existence of the humans who have lived as rulers of the earth for thousands of years. and the civilization they have acquired through them. . They hate each other, start wars, kill each other and make irreparable mistakes, but nonetheless it underscores that human beings are the ones who think, forgive, love and strive to bring prosperity to the next generation.

Excerpts from the film ‘The Eternals’ ./ Photo courtesy of The Walt Disney Company Korea

However, while these themes and developments are instructive, it seems difficult to keep the audience fresh. This is because it has already been discussed a lot in other cinematic, cultural and academic fields. Additionally, the film puts too much effort into presenting the characteristics and stories of the 10 heroes. Each hero’s story unfolds in a fun way, and their story doesn’t deviate much from audience expectations, making it boring. Of course, you can’t be happy with the first drink. The new MCU is just the start. Two cookie videos, clues for the next episode, will be revealed at the end. Duration 155 minutes, suitable for children from 12 years old.

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