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Excellent group performance showcased at Changnyeong Culture and Arts Center – Xinhua English.news.cn

by Pansy Robbins

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(Changnyeong = Gyeongnam News Today) Changnyeong Culture and Arts Center will feature performances by top bands such as “Two Gentlemen of Verona” on August 4 and “Napoli Music Cafe” on August 18.

The performances will be held with the support of the Korea Federation of Culture and Arts under the Cultural Empathy Project by excellent private and public organizations. In July, the ‘Magic Movement’ was successfully carried out under the project and received a warm response from the citizens.

“Two Gentlemen of Verona” is Shakespeare’s first work and is about the friendship, love and betrayal of two friends. It is a work that fuses our beauty and emotions well by combining Korean and modern elements with the original Western classic, and creates a so-called “hip” atmosphere with a unique stage and LED lighting.

Moreover, borrowing the modern and contemporary performance of ‘Yeoseong Gukgeuk’, it is reborn as a delicious comedy through the charms and talents of actresses only. It is expected to be a unique opportunity to appreciate Shakespeare’s original work through a witty and humorous performance.

Naples musical cafe poster

‘Napoli Music Cafe’ is a story of the past, present and future communicating through the music in the background of Napoli Music Cafe, which has been a meeting place for young locals for many years. Audiences will be presented with memories that made a time in their lives beautiful, such as the scenery of a cozy music cafe, songs from that era, places they loved, and singers who made their hearts beat faster.

Changnyeong Culture and Arts Center prepares performances on the last cultural day of every month from August to November, in addition to performances by excellent bands. Starting with the jazz show “Care” on August 26, performances of various genres such as traditional dance and classical music take place at the end of each month.

In addition, in August, rich cultural events such as children’s experience exhibition “Colorful World Travel”, free performance “Arirang Class” and “CGV Latest Movie” on the first and third Saturdays are prepared. quench your thirst.

Detailed information about performances and reservations are available on the Changnyeong Culture and Arts Center website and by phone (055-530-1911).

Journalist Ha Young-ae [email protected]

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