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Kim Yoon-jin, “Even though I appeared in ‘Confession,’ ‘Already?’ I’m surprised it’s over.” [인터뷰M]

by Pansy Robbins

I met Yunjin Kim, who once again made me feel what kind of actor I am with the movie ‘Confession’. In the movie ‘Confession,’ Kim Yoon-jin stars as Yang Shin-ae, a lawyer with the best success rate in proving the innocence of ‘Yoo Min-ho,’ who is accused of murder in a secret play, uncovering flaws in his statement, piecing the case together, and creating a basis for his innocence. He grabbed the audience by the neck and drove them on with his acting.

Kim Yun-jin said, “When I first received the script, I felt like I was reading a classic detective novel, not a really well-crafted detective novel, even the latest novel.” Due to this charm, Kim Yoon-jin, who appeared in the work, said he was impressed again when he saw the finished film. ‘Usually I was nervous about the films I was doing so I couldn’t concentrate on the film because I was only seeing what I lacked as an actor, but I really enjoyed it’ Confession’. ‘Am I already doing this line?’ I kept saying, “Is it revealed already? I fell in love with the movie. Nana showed a different face, so it was a good place to live and the speed was very good. It wasn’t fast development, but the director was really good at adjusting the tension, so the speed of the story was different.

Despite the fact that the story takes place in a limited space, the film shows an exciting development with a lot of tension and twists. On the other hand, Kim Yun-jin got on very well with her when she said that it felt like she was watching a play unfold right in front of her.

“I told the director that as soon as I read the script, it was like a play and like a detective story. From the beginning, it seems that he wanted a film like a play in placing a long table in the center and considering the movement that can only be seen in a play.” Kim Yoon-jin said, “80% Even though I was shooting on set, the movie didn’t feel stuffy. When I walked into the space and spoke, there was a sense of space pressure, and that atmosphere helped my playing. Also, whether it was the power of the editing, the power of the music , lighting, set, etc. Even though all of the costumes were works that I appear in, I was sucked in and stared at. The script itself had an acting feel to it.”

There were many close-up scenes in the film, but Kim Yoon-jin, who expressed the emotions of the characters in the play by even acting out the slight tremors of facial muscles, said, “It was uncomfortable having lots of close-ups. -ups. Even though it’s my face, I felt strange because I thought even that part was shaking.” He revealed the secret of acting in that scene and said, “Other thrillers can see from the beginning how this woman will overcome this crisis. But this time, the role of guiding the way while wearing a mask was very appealing as he even led another main character, Yoo Min-ho.

I can’t explain in detail for fear of spoilers, but in the play Kim Yun-jin played an important person who brings a big change to the story even with very delicate emotional shifts or subtle expressions of emotions. Kim Yoon-jin, who cites director Jong-seok Yoon’s detailed directing as the secret to his razor-sharp acting, said, “I shot a lot of different versions of a scene. I think I I was able to express subtle differences in editing like I’ve starred in so many versions,” director Yoon’s directing style said.

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Kim Yoon-jin said, “Before I appeared in the work, I studied the tone of many lawyers watching videos, but the director rejected them saying they didn’t like it because it sounded like a fake, or because it seemed too fraudulent. I created a tone of voice. That’s why I love the work even more,” he said, laying out the process of preparing the characters. He has said: “I thought a lot about the tone of the game. It’s weird even though I’m good at it, it’s weird even though it’s too awkward, and I don’t know what to do in the middle. Usually I feel relaxed in the middle of a movie, but that movie starts over every day. There was no comfortable day. Even with a careful plan, when ‘Yoo Min-ho’ spoke certain lines, emotions immediately rose. It was so much fun to act like that. Even though I thought it was enough, I was constantly opposed to it. I also liked the director who asked for an extra half a spoon,” he said, speaking of the acting process which must have been difficult due to the uniqueness of the character.

Kim Yun-jin has talked a lot about director Yoon Jong-seok. He said: “I felt like I had been honing and preparing for a very long time. It was good when I was working, but after seeing the results, the director looks like he’s going to do a lot in the future. and I wanted to work together again.” He said, “The truth came out at the blind premiere. They said the moment they lost, there was a ‘huh’ sound in the audience. It was so good back then.

The film ‘Confession’ depicts the story of a promising businessman ‘Minho Yoo’, who is named as the only suspect in the murder case in the secret room, and ‘Shin-ae Yang’, a lawyer 100% trying to prove his innocence, putting together the pieces of a hidden affair.

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