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LG Electronics Unveils 2023 Custom OLED TV Soundbar | | LG live

by Pansy Robbins

LG Electronics will unveil a new soundbar at CES 2023 that optimizes sound and design for the 2023 LG OLED TV.

The new soundbar (Model: SC9S) is the first to be equipped with the “WOW Orchestra” function which can implement personalized stereoscopic sound with new LG TVs. This function allows you to enjoy richer sound by simultaneously outputting sound from the TV speaker and the sound bar speaker. Previously, even though the TV and soundbar were connected, sound only came out of one of the TVs and the soundbar.

If LG OLED Evo (Model: C-series) and a new soundbar are installed together, space utilization is also significantly increased. When installing the two products together on the wall or in standby mode, a dedicated soundbar stand is provided to connect to the TV. There is no need for separate construction, and the connection lines can be hidden, which makes the surrounding space tidy.

Customers can check soundbar settings and easily adjust sound mode or volume, such as music, movies and sports, using the Smart TV remote on the TV’s webOS home screen LG.

The new product supports a maximum power of 400W for 3.1.3 channels, including three front speakers, a subwoofer with strong bass and three upfiring speakers. In particular, the three up-firing drivers that LG Electronics first applied to the world in 2022 have been further improved in this model to achieve richer and more sophisticated stereoscopic sound.

The upward-firing speaker located in the center clearly hears sound from the soundbar below the TV as if it is coming from the center of the TV screen. As the size of the TV increases, the distance between the center of the screen and the soundbar increases, reducing the feeling of heterogeneity and increasing realism.

The new product delivers rich surround sound that fills the installation space by sending sound not only into the space in the direction each speaker faces, but also into other spaces.

Meanwhile, by applying various sound solutions such as Dolby ATMOS, IMAX ENHANCED and DTS:X, you can enjoy immersive sound like a home theater. Plus, 4K and 120Hz high-definition content plays smoothly and seamlessly so gaming consoles can be connected to the soundbar and TV to enjoy gaming.

This product provides optimized sound for the surrounding space and content genre based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, and is also equipped with a function that converts two-channel sound sources to stereoscopic sound.

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