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Place “Open Chat” in the center of the KakaoTalk tab… “To central area of ​​interest”

by Pansy Robbins

3-tab layout to expand accessibility, discover latest trends and interests
Introduction of a new type of chat “Open Chat Lite” with a large number of participants

KakaoTalk opens the 3 tab chat image. / Courtesy of Kakao

A space for sharing interests on various topics and communicating in real time is newly prepared in KakaoTalk.

Kakao announced on the 17th that it would establish open chat as a separate tab in the third tab of Kakao Talk and strengthen its role as an interest-based communication platform.

Open Chat is a chat service that allows people with the same interests to create a chat room and have a conversation on KakaoTalk. People who don’t know each other can communicate based on common interests such as hobbies or information without adding friends, such as phone numbers or IDs. Previously, it was available in KakaoTalk’s second tab, the “Chat Tab”.

The company explains that it has improved accessibility and convenience by separating open chat into the third tab. Kakao said his goal is to make KakaoTalk an interest center where people can communicate freely by exchanging the same interests or hobbies through open chat. For stable operation of the service, we plan to gradually open the open chat tab to users by the end of May.

If you click on the third tab of KakaoTalk, you can see the open chat room you belong to as well as the current ▲tabs ▲keywords. The “Coming Soon” tab is a space where popular chat rooms are updated daily and exposed to users of open chat rooms. It recommends popular open chat based on user interests and responsiveness, such as games, entertainment, finance, and hobbies. The ‘Keywords’ tab works on the latest trends. It covers various topics such as pro baseball season, holiday road conditions, weather, webtoons, movies, and dramas.

A new service, ‘Open Chat Lite’, which allows communication without limiting the number of participants, should also open. ‘Open Chat Lite’ is a chat room in the form of a live chat where users can communicate lightly in various chat rooms under a variety of popular topics, from real-time weather conditions to current dramas.

Kakao plans to open and operate Open Chat Lite in turn on various topics such as reading, camping, games, MBTI, study certification, as well as topics such as spring outing recommendations and gratitude journals where you can leave a line. thank you note.

Additionally, an open chat room called “Open Chat Auto” is also operated at all times. A typical example is the 2022 Soccer Support Together Room, held in June last year for the World Cup season. Currently, Kakao operates various open chat rooms such as drama chat rooms, professional baseball game chat rooms, solitary reading rooms, and environmental protection challenge certification rooms.

Kakao said, “Open chat will evolve into a ‘non-knowledge interest-based platform’ and become a window where anyone can communicate without time and space restrictions.” .

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