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‘Sigourney Weaver is actually an idiot’… Everyone was tricked by her ‘alien’

by Pansy Robbins

“We have been deceived. Cigar Weaver is, in fact, an idiot.

This is the first part of an interview with actress Sigourney Weaver published by The New York Times (NYT) on the 28th (local time). Although Weaver has constructed an image of a strong warrior like the “Alien” series, it is different from his actual personality. Of course, weaver does not mean “idiot” in the dictionary sense. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and a master’s degree from Yale University.

Born in 1949, Weaver made his official debut in 1977 with a minor role in Woody Allen’s “Any Hall.” It was ‘Alien’, which first came out in 1979, that became a celebrity in its own right. This work, which continued in series, became Weaver’s representative work. Weaver’s anguished expression as Ellen Ripley, a character who fights with an alien creature while holding it in her stomach, has become one of the most powerful female characters in film history. This is the result supported by Weaver’s height of around 180cm, clear features and sharp acting skills. At the time, American media such as the Boston Globe hailed it as “the joy of watching the ‘Alien’ series is the joy of seeing the growth of Sigourney Weaver”.

Weaver's masterpiece,

However, Weaver himself said of his acting at the time: “I tried to imagine and act differently to imagine that I was pregnant with a hedgehog. After going through ‘Ghostbusters’ and so on, it continues to relay leading roles in box office hits with the ‘Avatar’ series in the 21st century.The latest series of ‘Avatar’ is expected to be released worldwide at the end of this year.

However, Weaver is deeply committed to the traditional drama genre in addition to action characters such as warriors. A typical example is playing the role of a social activist defending the right to abortion in the film ‘Cole Jane’, which comes out this week in the United States. That doesn’t mean I’m gender biased. He told The New York Times, “The first criteria for selecting a movie is the script. No matter how good the director, the message has to be clear, like reading the script or having a clear message.” Then he added: “What should I do, I majored in English literature.”

Sigourney Weaver poses at the Venice Film Festival in September.  AP = Yonhap News

In that sense, “Call Jane” is special for Weaver. The United States is sharply divided over the two-letter “abortion.” Those who value women’s decision rights over their own bodies and those who value the fetus’s right to life. Weaver is the first. The gap widened after the US Supreme Court struck down the law against Wade Act, which granted the right to abortion and paved the way for an abortion ban, affecting the filming site by Weaver. He told the New York Times, “Many states didn’t allow filming because of the subject of this film, and it was difficult to get a budget.

Weaver (right) as an abortion rights advocate in the film 'Cole Jane'.  AP = Yonhap News

Weaver himself doesn’t want to be defined by strong character alone, but looking back at the path he’s traveled, his drive for self-determination is clear. So is his name. His parents named him “Susan” to honor his friend’s name, and he was called by nicknames such as “Susie”, but they said they didn’t like it because it was cute. Then, at age 14, he saw “Mrs. Sigourney Hobbes” among the characters in Scott J Fitzgerald’s masterpiece The Great Gatsby and changed his name. Interestingly, this name is a male name in the novel. This is due to the custom of the time when married women added “Madame” only to their husband’s name after their husband’s first and last name.

In an interview with Style magazine last year, he said: “I decided to change my name and made a statement to my parents and friends, and I felt like I found myself. ” This thought remains the same today. In this interview with the NYT, he said, “Before changing my name, I was a tall, shy kid, but I felt like my life had started when I changed my name.” He married theater manager Jim Simpson in 1984 and they have one daughter. His daughter was called Charlotte. Charlotte Simpson is also pursuing an acting career.

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