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[주목!이사람] Coexistence with the Sangju Cultural Center for 31 years … Hwi-kyung Jeong, director of the Sangju Cultural Center

by Pansy Robbins

The only witness who has watched more than 10,000 performances for 31 years… Relief of the cultural thirst of the inhabitants of the city of Sangju, hidden protagonist of a successful performance of a local art group
Contribution to the development of local culture and art… Commendation from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism on the 31st of last month

Hwi-kyung Jeong, director of the Sangju Cultural Center

“During the 31 years of my public life, I only worked at the Sangju Cultural Center, which was built 31 years ago. People say that the Sangju Cultural Center is the motivation for my appointment as a that civil servant (laughs). “

Jeong Hwi-kyung, director of Gyeongbuk Sangju Cultural Center (57), has been in the civil service for 31 years, like the 31-year history of Sangju Culture Center. Director Jeong started his civil service as his first office with the opening of the Sangju Culture Center (510 seats) in 1990, and he has served until now.

He is the only witness to have attended various performances, exhibitions and videos, including 10,000 plays and musicals, held on the stage of the Sangju Cultural Center for 31 years, from the regular staff to the director.

He ran the Sangju Cultural Center without a single accident for many years. Director Jeong, who is also an expert in performing arts, has no stage equipment such as lighting, sound equipment and projectors that he cannot handle.

Whether it was a professional performing group or a local performing arts group, at the time of the show we have always worked as a team with them.

Many of the performances he selected and invited aroused the impression and reaction of citizens, and there were many full capacity cases attracting foreign visitors as well.

Sangju Cultural Center was once the only cinema in Sangju without a cinema. In the early 2000s, when the three small movie theaters were closed, it became fashionable for citizens to go to Gumi, Andong and Daegu to see movies.

In 2010, director Jeong came up with the idea of ​​renting the latest movies weekly and receiving an entrance fee of just 1,000 won to citizens, and he is the main character who quenches the thirst for films of the people. local for 8 years.

“It is possible to only rent the screening rooms for a fee to the film distributor, but film distributors who have to make a profit would realistically have to pay the entrance fee, which is why we decided that it would be a burden on citizens, so we did it. “

At the time, it was impossible to preview the film, so to choose a good film, when I had free time, I would first watch it in a movie theater in a big city, and it was said that I had made the choice when I was convinced that it would be enough to impress and entertain the citizens.

The response from the public has been very good. Residents were able to watch movies priced at 6,000 to 8,000 won in theaters at the time for 1,000 won, and after that, the tendency of citizens to watch movies while traveling (?) Disappeared.

Hwi-kyung Jeong, director of the Sangju Cultural Center

Hwi-kyung Jeong, director of the Sangju Cultural Center

Director Jeong, who has a bright and cheerful personality, is popular because he actively communicates with local artists.

An official from a local art group said, “When we put on the performance we prepared for the stage, director Jeong hides and controls the sound and lighting appropriately for maximum effect. ” said

Director Jeong said, “I have tried to experience shows that citizens want to see, and it was gratifying to see citizens return home after being shot at the cultural center.” It is very upsetting to see a poor concert hall, ”he said.

Director Jeong said, “I will continue to work harder to keep the Sangju Cultural Center, which is a citizens’ friend and my friend, to remain a place of fond memories for the citizens. I hope to overflow, ”he said.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Hwang Hee, congratulated Jeong Hwi-gyeong, director of the Sangju Cultural Center, on the 31st of last month, saying he had greatly contributed to the revitalization of the cultural center and artistic in Korea.

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