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‘No’ Director Jordan Peele Reveals Why He Doesn’t Direct Other People’s Movies

by Pansy Robbins

Jordan Peele’s Latest Movies Nopeis most noticeable in summer film One of them. A season full of blockbusters. The writer/director created a sci-fi/horror movie by creating stories about consumerism and entertainment. and he First cut almost 4 hours With a more digestible runtime. Peele is Nopeseems to have succeeded, and you can choose which project you want to work on next, but you’ve given reasons why you don’t want to work on someone else’s film.

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Jordan Peele quickly established himself. As Outstanding Director with ‘Get Out’

Peele’s first script was KeanuIt was for He co-wrote the screenplay with Alex Rubens, but get outworked alone.

Peele is get outwas written, produced and directed by while the film was being written Peele makes an emotional discoveryThis is included. , was nominated for four Oscars and Filet won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 2018.

get outwas also successful financially. With a budget of just $4.5 million per IMDb, it generated nearly $256 million in revenue worldwide.

him in 2019 Wefollowed in 2022. Nopewas a success. , he wrote the screenplay and directed two films. Peele has successfully introduced his own films to the world and has no plans to direct anyone else’s films in the future.

Phil reveals why he doesn’t direct other people’s movies. >

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get outSilver won big at the box office, was nominated for four Oscars, and gave Peele an Oscar. Wegrossed over $71.1 million in its opening weekend and over $255.1 million per copy at the worldwide box office. 1st opening weekend NopeIt was.

With this success, Filet will no doubt be able to choose which project to work on next. It can switch to existing franchise and studio tents, but as Peele said in an interview with Collider (YouTube), and he has no intention of directing someone else’s film.

“How many problems [intellectual properties] When I think or think of assuming, I [other] People who tell my story. So I don’t know if there is an IP address to do this.

Peele finds satisfaction in working on his own film from scratch. Done and the results tell you. With the level of success he’s achieved, it’s no wonder he doesn’t want to work on someone else’s ideas.

Why Jordan Peele Doesn’t Plan To Direct Someone Else’s Movie

Why is the net famous? Picking out

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The internet often wants to know why Jordan Peele is famous. Each time he completes a project, his list of options grows.

Some fans say he wrote and starred mad tvwill remember him in Peele is also in the popular Comedy Central series. Key and Peeleis famous for In addition to appearing on the show, he produced 47 episodes and helped write or produce 55 episodes during the show’s run from 2012 to 2015.

Peele’s films may have taken him to a new level of fame. sure get outAlthough there is an Oscar for the screenplay of Nopecould be his greatest success. YouTube channel on Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

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