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Rakul Preet Singh talks about playing a condom in Chhatriwali, explains why it’s a family movie | Bollywood

by Joe Bourn

Rakul Preet has spoken about taking on the role of a condom tester in Chhatriwali’s upcoming film. The film, directed by Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar, tells the story of a chemistry graduate who ends up accepting the job of a condom quality inspector as he needs money. The producers described the film as a family fun that wants to stigmatize the use of comedy condoms. Rakul Preet recently explained why the movie focusing on condoms is still a family movie. Read also | Rakul Preet Singh on the relationship with Jackky Bhagnani: “There is nothing to hide or be cunning in a relationship”

Rakul, who will also appear as a gynecologist in Doctor G’s upcoming film, said there should be no taboos on these issues. He added that Chhatriwali is not a sermon film, but depicts the reality of society in a light way.

He told Pinkvilla, “Each of us is born the way you would show Doctor G. A gynecologist is a very important doctor, but we treat gynecology as a department. If someone has to go to the nursery, we say go with your mother, not with your father, why? The father bhi to wahi se pada hue the (the father was also born in the same way). The question is why have we tabooed it? Do not be ashamed of it, but know it. “

Rakul added that Chhatriwali, which also stars Sumit Vyas, should be treated as a family film. She explained, “We are not showing anything vulgar. There is not a single kiss in the movie. It’s a trip to a small town and it’s humorous. He stumbles on this job, he despises it (initially) “.

Rakul revealed that she was also a little skeptical about playing the role, but got the opinion of her parents who gave her the green signal. She said she runs every script from her parents before accepting it, and also told them a one-line plot by Chhatriwali.

While the release date of Chhatriwali has not been confirmed yet, Rakul will be seen at Doctor G on June 17 this year. The social drama film, directed by Anubhuti Kashyap, also stars Ayushmann Khurrana and Shefali Shah.

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